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Top 8 Fashion Trends for Winter 2020 by The Fashionable Housewife

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By: The Fashionable Housewife

Top 8 Fashion Trends for Winter 2020 by The Fashionable Housewife

Source: Top 8 Fashion Trends for Winter 2020 | The Fashionable Housewife

The Fashionable Housewife teaches us how to master class, chic, and comfort this season.

Let’s be honest, ladies: it can be so easy to forget about fashion trends for winter. The weather is gloomy, it’s too cold to go outside, and the holiday season has probably left you feeling more than a little exhausted. Who could blame you for wanting to spend your days at home, curled up in your comfiest sweats?

Trust me, I get the appeal. But we all know that when you look good, you’re bound to feel good – and the trends popping up this winter are way too stylish to resist!

Shake off your winter blues and start looking (and feeling) fabulous with some of the hottest fashion trends for winter 2020.

Two-Tone Dresses

One of the coolest fashion trends for winter is the two-tone dress. This look is incredibly simple – a dress that is half one color, half another – but the overall look, with its bold, geometric color blocking, is very modern and chic.

This winter look is for sweater dresses that feature this unique two-toned style – bonus points if the dress features one of the season’s most stylish colors (cranberry, gold, sage, and grey).

Don’t want to wear a dress? You can still incorporate the two-tone trend into your wardrobe with sweaters or coats that showcase a colorful combination.

Fleece and Faux Fur Coats

A woman sporting a fluffy, faux-fur coat

Source: Top 8 Fashion Trends for Winter 2020 | The Fashionable Housewife

Coats are an essential part of every woman’s winter wardrobe (and every man’s, for that matter), but the kind of coat you wear varies from one year to the next.

This season, the fashion world is all about shearling and faux fur, resulting in a look that’s equal parts comfort and class.

One of the greatest things about shearling and faux fur? These coats are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, from cobalt blue to leopard print.

Whether you’re looking for a bold statement coat or something you can wear every day until spring, shearling and faux fur are the perfect choices to keep you warm and looking wonderful.


Pantsuits were all over the runway this past fall, with designers like Oscar de la Renta, Roksanda, and Alexander Wang all giving us their take on businesswoman chic.

Frankly, I love it! Not only do pantsuits allow you to feel like a bonafide boss lady, but the matching pants and jacket trend makes getting dressed each morning a breeze.

Whether you opt for a slouchy, street style look or a fitted pantsuit in a bold print, this is one trend you’ll want to make part of your winter wardrobe right away.

In fact, this is one trend I see sticking around for quite a while; if you find a suit you really, really love, invest in a little custom tailoring, so it fits you like a glove.


Pantsuits aren’t the only all-in-one outfit you’ll see everywhere this season. Jumpsuits are also back in style as one of the top fashion trends for winter! This is one of the most versatile trends of the 2019-2020 winter season, as most jumpsuits can easily be dressed up or down with the right accessories. Also, you can find a jumpsuit that “suits” nearly every kind of style!

If you’re looking for something flirty and feminine, look for a jumpsuit with flared legs. This will create a more flowy, dress-like fit while wrapping you up in a little extra fabric (a must on cold winter days).

If you’d rather a look with a little more edge, slip into a fitted jumpsuit and add some of your favorite jewelry or other accessories.

Don’t forget to invest in thongs right now, as it’s critical to looking sexy in a jumpsuit instead of like a 5-year-old.

The possibilities for layering and accessorizing are endless, so take the plunge!

Seventies Style

A woman sitting down, dressed in a ’70s inspired-look

Source: Top 8 Fashion Trends for Winter 2020 | The Fashionable Housewife

They say that fashion is cyclical, and the things once considered old and outdated eventually come back en vogue.

Well, this year it seems the seventies are making their comeback! Designers like Michael Kors and Balenciaga have been reaching into the past for their fashion inspiration – and the result is a lot of looks that would be at home in Studio 54.

How can you incorporate the seventies-style into your look? There are a few key pieces you should be slipping into your wardrobe to incorporate these top fashion trends for winter: pleated a-line skirt dresses with cinched waists (or belts to accentuate your shape), turtlenecks and neckerchief, and lots and LOTS of earth-toned leather.

Nineties Style

The seventies aren’t the only decade enjoying a resurgence as the 2020s begin. Many designers are also reaching into the more recent past, creating nineties-inspired styles for their winter 2020 collections. These looks are all about layers (something I love for the winter months) and looking effortlessly cool (something I love for every month).

To master the nineties look, play around with layering – and don’t be afraid to mix up patterns, prints, or styles. A masculine-looking blazer worn over a hyper-feminine camisole is very much the style you’re looking for!

Also, consider adding extra denim and plaid to your wardrobe (for the grunge look), as well as fun and playful animal prints.


One of the easiest ways to make your look more eye-catching and dynamic is by playing with different textures. Whether you’re wearing a statement coat while picking the kids up from school or going out for a girls’ night with your friends, one trendy way to add drama to your outfit is by adding a few feathers.

Many fashion houses incorporated feathers into their winter 2019-2020 collections, and no two designs are exactly alike. Some designers (like Toga and Roksanda) have accented their jackets with feathers to create a sense of movement, while others (like Marc Jacobs), had models on the runway in gowns completely covered in feathers!

Whichever look you decide to sport, just know that a feathery outfit will certainly earn you a few compliments as one of the top fashion trends for winter.


A woman in a long, flowing pink dress with ruffles along the collar

Source: Top 8 Fashion Trends for Winter 2020 | The Fashionable Housewife

Not interested in feathers? Not a problem. There are other trendy ways that you can dress up an outfit and add a little extra style to your look.

For example, you could try out the last trend on our list: ruffles! The 2019-2020 winter looks are just covered in ruffles – along hemlines, over the shoulder, around collars like an Elizabethan courtier!

Ruffles are a great way to dress up your look while still being on-trend. They work great for spring too!

Final Thoughts on Winter Fashion

This winter, don’t let the gloomy weather keep you from your most fashionable self. Instead, try out some of these trends!

A few stylish outfits just might help you feel your best until spring comes back again.

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