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Tune-In Tuesdays #11: Trip [DEMO] by Cooli Ooli

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By: burgundy bug

Trip by Cooli Ooli

Source: Cooli Ooli – Trip [DEMO] | Cooli Ooli

Last year, the SoCal-based alt-rock indie band Cooli Ooli introduced themselves with the cool, rhythmic demo track, Trip.

A Bit of Context…

Cooli Ooli is a brand new band that currates an ephemeral blend of indie-pop and alt-rock through their music.

As of March 2019, they have two tracks and 105 followers on SoundCloud.


Although it’s just a demo, Trip packs a punch.

The track is cool, mystical, relaxing, and addictive. The drums create anticipation between verses and during the chorus while the guitar gives it a tasteful level of edge. The singer wraps the entire package together with his smooth vocals.

Structurally, Trip reminds me of a modern, indie-pop spin on Brand New‘s album Deja Entendu.

Lyrically, Trip is quite catchy and meaningful, as well.


Slow down,

How could you ever know now?

Could you ever?

‘Cause I could never,

Sinking down,

Into the other world now,

Into the other,

There is no other

Source: Cooli Ooli – Trip [DEMO] | Cooli Ooli

If this is just the demo, I can only imagine how polished and strong Trip will be upon its official release.

In the meantime, the band is performing at various gigs in California.

Last month, they released their first music video for their single Sunk

Sunk music video

Source: Sunk (Official Music Video) | Cooli Ooli

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