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Tune-In Tuesdays #111: Alma by Fotis Delinikolas

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By: burgundy bug

“Alma” by Fotis Delinikolas

Source: Alma | Fotis Delinikolas

Fusing elements of metal and funk, Athens-based guitarist Fotis Delinikolas redefines hardcore rock ‘n’ roll with his latest, instrumental album, “Alma.”

A Bit of Context…

Delinikolas started his professional career at just 16-years-old, says the press release for “Alma.” He’s played with multiple bands across various genres, including hard rock, progressive rock, soul, and pop.

Throughout his career, Delinikolas has toured around the world, playing shows in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Sardinia, and Australia, among other places.

“Alma” is his first personal project, the press release continues. The nine-track instrumental piece centers itself around a progressive metal sound, yet allows tinges of elements from other genres to peek through.

Alma by Fotis Delinikolas

Starting on a somewhat folky, acoustic note, “Brainwash” eases the listener in with muted guitars that gain pace as the track progresses. Bright and energetic, it feels very much like the opening to a movie or the title screen of a video game.

The title track, “Alma,” is driven by its alt-rock persona and heavy, biting guitars. Yet, there are breaks in the song where bits of funk and soul shine through. You can really hear how Delinikolas’ previous experiences helped inform the composition of this track, and its execution is immaculate.

“Alma” is snappy, groovy, and intense with multiple transitions — it’s the perfect culmination of everything Delinikolas explores throughout this project.

Aptly named, “Chimera” fuses the metal-esque sound of its first half with a chill, soft-rock break mid-way through before gaining traction again by the outro.

Similarly, “Dualism” plays off of its soulful drive with heavy rock accents, creating a beautiful tug-o-war between the duality of both genres. Without any lyrics, Delinikolas manages to tell a story through just his guitar — and one that’s entirely up to the listener’s interpretation, too.

Raindrop,” “Run,” “Judas,” and “Nexus” all take on gorgeous, unique sonic characters. “Nexus,” in particular, features some sunny strings that align admirably with the rest of the album.

Seasons” starts on a somewhat somber, reflective tone, setting the stage for the outro of the project. Each section feels like a personal “goodbye” or an “until next time.” But true to form, Delinikolas keeps the listener on their toes with one last exploration of all the different styles featured across “Alma.”

Overall, “Alma” is a beautiful, fluid, expressional instrumental project that highlights Delinikolas’ diverse skill set as a musician. Every track feels like its own journey. And anyone who is personally interested in the guitar owes it to themselves to give “Alma” a listen.

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