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Tune-In Tuesdays #18: Champagne Galore by Elujay

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By: burgundy bug

Adojio by Elujay album cover

Source: Champagne Galore | Elujay

“Champagne Galore” is a calm, cool, and personal track by Elujay, the California-based rap artist.

A Bit of Context…

Elujay is a 21 year old vocalist, producer, and songwriter that has been making music since he was 14 years old, according to his official website. As an artist, it has always been his mission to create honest, soulful work.

Known for his hits “Starchild,” “Golden,” and “Google Maps,” Elujay’s work is available across major streaming platforms including iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Champagne Galore

“Champagne Galore” is the final track on Elujay’s latest album, “Adojio.” It is relaxed, rhythmic, and ties together the entire project.

Elujay hooks the listener in with the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the track and leaves them on the edge of their earbuds during the heartfelt transitions.

The majority of the song plays on the hook, which is delightfully catchy.

We solved our only problems by staring at the bottom of an empty bottle
Got some Hennessy, but really wanted some champagne
Uptown nigga, baby, get with the campaign
I don’t mind that she don’t write back
I’m a lost soul, we gon’ find that
I don’t mind that she don’t write back
I’m a lost soul in a time-lapse

Champagne Galore | GENIUS

The personal undertones of Elujay’s lyricism throughout “Champagne Galore” is highlighted by the voicemail samples that come in after the second transition.

The beat also comes in after the second transition and smoothly delivers the track to its completion.

“Champagne Galore” is refreshing and will quench your thirst for good, soulful, chillhop.

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