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Tune-In Tuesdays #40 BONUS: In My Head by Samuel Jack

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By: burgundy bug

“In My Head” by Samuel Jack cover

Source: In My Head | Samuel Jack

Pop-music storyteller Samuel Jack lures listeners in with his latest track, “In My Head,” a candid account of grappling with turbulent mental health.

A Bit of Context…

Profile of Samuel Jack

Source: Samuel Jack

“Renowned for his rugged soulful vocals and emotive lyricism, London born Samuel Jack spent his formative years in Johannesburg, with his film director Father.”

Samuel Jack

Jack is a vivid, descriptive pop artist who pulls from a wide array of genres to piece together his own works and impact audiences through his thought provoking ballads.

Currently, Jack is gearing up to release an album in 2020, as stated on his website.

In My Head by Samuel Jack

“The powerful song details the emotions of struggling with one’s mental health, shining a light on the importance of 
recognizing and helping others with mental health issues.”

“In My Head” Press Release

Delicate piano keys introduce the listener to the song with an elegant and soothing ambiance, complemented by the muted backing vocals that blend seamlessly with the track. You can truly appreciate and practically visualize Jack’s fingers dancing across the piano.

“Oh I’m sitting at the table having dinner with the Devil tonight,” Jack sings softly, the emotion hanging on each word.

His powerful vocals break through the first verse, driving home the narrative and setting the tone for the rest of the song.

The snappy pace, lyricism, and Jack’s rich vocals bring “In My Head” together to form a beautiful and touching piece. It’s deep and emotionally driven, yet at a tempo that you can still blast and sing along to when you need a release.

“Days and nights of this rigorous routine took him to boiling point, where he found himself thinking the only way to escape was to hurt himself,” says the press release for the song. “The musician is speaking out now, publicly for the first time to shine a light on the importance of recognising and helping others with mental health issues, as it can happen to anyone at anytime.”

“Fuck the stigma. We’re not all crazy, we just struggle inside sometimes.”

Samuel Jack

Overall, “In My Head” is a lyrically and sonically robust single that embodies a strong message, casting mental health in a light that raises awareness through it’s shareability.

Head on over to Samuel Jack’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with his latest work. Be sure to give “In My Head” a listen on Spotify or Apple Music, too!

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