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Tune-In Tuesdays #46: How Does it Feel by Safety Net

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By: burgundy bug

“How Does it Feel?” by Safety Net cover

Somber yet lively, Safety Net’s pop-punk ballad “How Does it Feel?” grounds the listener with its ambient vocals and transformative fusion of guitar and piano.

A Bit of Context…

Safety Net stands together in front of an old, wooden structure

Source: “ICYMI: the brand new single “How Does It Feel?” will be available everywhere October 11…” | Safety Net

The Atlanta-based trio Safety Net blends alt-rock and pop-punk genres to hone in on their specialty: raw, honest storytelling.

“The more personal the better.”

Safety Net bio on Spotify

Friends since their senior year in college, vocalist Caroline Walden and guitarist Alex McIntyre formed Safety Net in the winter of 2017, according to their Spotify bio. In Feb. 2019, they were joined by drummer Ian Rowland and the band made their live debut in June.

Released on Oct. 11, “How Does it Feel?” marks the beginning of a new chapter for the trio.

How Does it Feel? by Safety Net

How Does it Feel?” begins with Walden’s vocals echoing delicately and emphatically over the soft, acoustic guitar underlying her voice.

The slow and steady tempo of the song rapidly picks up as the song progresses, particularly after the first refrain.

During the middle and bridge of the song, the piano plays the listener’s heart key-by-key as Walden asks:

“How does it feel,
to be feel all right?

How does it feel,
to know you’re alive?”

Source: How Does it Feel?” | Safety Net

As a whole, the track is brimming with a vibe that takes you back to a time when Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” dominated radio airwaves. Yet, the Safety Net breathes their own life into the alt-rock/pop-punk genre that brings the single up to date.

Emotionally charged, “How Does it Feel?” really hits home for the listener. If you’re looking for a soft, pop-punk ballad to get you through the winter blues, Safety Net’s latest single is perfect for you.

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