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Tune-In Tuesdays #47: Susan by Ebony Buckle

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By: burgundy bug

“Susan” by Ebony Buckle cover

Source: Susan | Ebony Buckle

Light, poppy, and sweet, the whimsical London-based singer/songwriter Ebony Buckle’s latest single “Susan” is sunshine in a song.

A Bit of Context…

Ebony Buckle stands confidently in her vibrant, teal blazer and futuristic shades

Source: Ebony Buckle

Ebony Buckle’s love for the industry was nourished by her parents and further fueled by studying piano, violin, and singing, leading to her degree in opera singing.

Buckle is known for her expansive imagination and narrative lyricism, covering topics that range from romance and broken hearts to disgruntled mermaids, lonely whales, and alien invasion.

Susan by Ebony Buckle

Dancy synth sound FX trickle through the introduction, quickly leading to robust pianos that provide a solid foundation to Buckle’s light yet powerful vocals.

Her training as an opera singer really shows as she sings, “I’ve been thinking lately,” smashing those high notes.

The verses are fast and folk, the instrumentals brim with a new-age pop vibe, all of which truly compliment Buckle’s stunning vocal harmonies.

The refrain is especially catchy – don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing, “Susan you’re my best friend, / Susan you’re my best friend, / We go out, / We go out,” or “La la la da da da,” over and over for the next few days.

Susan,” a single that Buckle said is dedicated to her imaginary friend and alter-ego, “Susan the Raptor,” is a bright and cheerful track that’ll add a bit of sunshine and color to your day.

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