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Tune-In Tuesdays #52: Going Back in Time to an 80’s Arcade with Nae

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By: burgundy bug

A portrait photo of synthpop artist Nae

Source: Nae

Florida-based synthpop artist Nae is a colorful, fun-loving musician who is just as vibrant as her music sounds.

Following the release of her latest single, “80’s Arcade,” we spoke to Nae via email to learn more about the track, the upcoming music video, and her passion for music.

Tell us a little about yourself

My real name is Renee but I like to go by Nae. I am a strong-willed vocalist and pianist. I’ve been playing and singing since I was 12-years-old.

Fun fact, I live on a farm where I ride, train, and care for horses! Most people assumed I would try to be a country star but hard pass on that one!

I grew up performing in a Christian band and absolutely loved the stage.

“Nothing felt better than being up there in front of the crowd watching the smiles on people’s faces.”


My phrase has always been, “the bigger the crowd, the better.”

After graduating high school at 16 and leaving the youth band behind, I was constantly reminded of the artist life I had dreamed of. Searching for a career path, I slowly drifted away from religious music to create my own lyrics and sound in the pop sphere.

Growing up, who were some of your favorite artists?

Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez!!

What inspired you to begin pursuing music?

My passion for the art of music, performing, and people are definitely what inspired me to pursue music.

“I have lots of hobbies I enjoy, but nothing has ever compared to how much I enjoy singing. I’m most happy on stage singing behind a piano.”


It’s also extremely important to me to be a role model for others, especially girls my age or younger than me. I want to be an artist anyone can look up to for guidance and just a song to vibe with.

Could you give us a behind the scenes glimpse at your latest single, “80’s Arcade?” What was your process for writing the song? How long did it take to produce it?

My producer Lane created the beat for this song after I had an epiphany that I wanted to write a song based in the ’80s and most especially in an arcade!

The lyrics are extremely thought out and perfectly descriptive to the theme of the song, an 80’s arcade. I believe it took just shy of a month to start and finish this song.

As the artist behind “80’s Arcade,” what does the song mean to you?

This song was meant to be upbeat for people to sing along to and dance with, which it absolutely is!

However, this song means a lot more to me. The first verse starts with a line “push, stop, let’s rewind,” and I really hope those words are heard and the listeners go back in time with me. The chorus goes ‘we left our love in that 80’s arcade’ and I want it to inspire people to find that joyous, prosperous time in their relationships and go chase it!

It’s meant to be a positive encouragement to find that happy place.

You also have a music video coming out for “80’s Arcade” tomorrow, featuring bright attire, scrunchies, and high-ponytails galore. What was it like to shoot the music video?

“We all had an absolute BLAST shooting this music video! I would film it 10 times over again if I could.”


Pretending like we were from the ’80s, riding on go-karts and playing arcade games was like a field trip for a little kid. I really think the music video is a great visual to explain the true meaning of the song.

What was your favorite part of shooting the music video?

My favorite part was hands down dressing up like an 80’s girl with all my friends. I spent hours at thrift stores getting to play dress up and the outfit came out just as I envisioned. That was so much fun!

How do you hope to connect with your listeners through your work?

“I want to share bits and pieces of my life through my work so I can create an honest relationship with my listeners.”


I hope to give my listeners something refreshing, upbeat, and encouraging with the release of 80’s arcade. As far as the music video released on the 15th, it speaks for itself. You’ll see when you watch it!

What’s next for you, Nae? Do you have any additional songs in the works or any shows planned?

I have three songs already written and recorded waiting for release. My single, ‘Great Escape’ will be released in February. The following release will be accompanied by a super sick music video.

I already have studio dates booked for a song that’ll be released in April. A music video to Las Angeles, Calif. is scheduled for the beginning of summer.

There is a lot of exciting work to be shared in the upcoming future – shows are the next thing to be scheduled!

What are your goals for 2020?

My biggest goal for 2020 is to start performing and connecting with my fans in that way. With multiple songs and music videos being released this year, I hope more listeners will join in on my journey.

Do you have any additional comments or final thoughts to share?

I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for everything, no matter how minor, that has happened in my music career since I started in January of 2019.

Lastly, I can’t wait for everyone to laugh continuously when the music video drops!

Give “80’s Arcade” a listen on Spotify.
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