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Tune-In Tuesdays #6: Sweet Moon by Sundarta

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By: burgundy bug

Sweet Moon by Sundarta

Source: sweet moon // now on spotify!! link below | sundarta

With Valentine’s Day just 2 days away, we’re tuning into the heavenly, dream-pop Sweet Moon by Sundarta this Tuesday.

Sundarta is an indie singer-songwriter with 11 tracks and over 2,000 followers on SoundCloud, as of Feb 2019.

With Sweet Moon, Sundarta envelops the listener in an ethereal blend of dream-pop and indie elements.

The song begins with a simple drum track that loops throughout the duration of the tune before introducing the heavy, wavy guitar in contrast with Sundarta’s sweet, airy, angelic voice.

Sweet Moon is a beautiful love song about truly admiring someone else. Sundarta refers to her flame as “an angel, the only angel for me”.

Reflecting on her feelings, the singer asks, “What am I supposed to do / When I love someone as much as the ocean loves the moon?”

(Verse 1)
The night was clear
I stepped outside because the words on the pages felt too near
I looked up, and asked the stars a question
They said nothing, but they smiled at my confession

What am I supposed to do,
When I love someone as much as the ocean loves the moon?

I really believe
You’re an angel, the only angel for me
My sweet moon
My sweet moon

(Verse 2)
Something’s in the air when we’re together
When you’re in the car, every song sounds better
When the world is big and I’m alone
I call you, and I’m home

What am I supposed to do,
When I love someone as much as the ocean loves the moon?
I really believe
You’re an angel, the only angel for me

My sweet moon
My sweet moon
My sweet moon
My sweet moon

Source: Sweet Moon | GENIUS

Bug’s Two Cents

Personally, I’ve been hooked on this song since last summer.

Sundarta’s Sweet Moon has irrevocably enchanted and inspired me. This song reminds me much of my very own sweet moon, XtaSeay. The biggest grin plants itself upon my face every time it comes on shuffle.

I play this whenever I miss him (we’ve been living together for a year, so it feels… odd to be apart. Hollow. I’ll find myself looking over my shoulder, expecting to see him and finding myself disappointed at the empty space on either side of me).

Funny enough, I believe I found this song while sitting on my patio in the wee hours of the night, having a smoke and doodling in my notebook. I looked up at the stars and asked the same question, What am I supposed to do when I love someone as much as the ocean loves the moon?

The stars didn’t have to answer.

I’m lucky enough to have found someone who has taught me what it truly means to love and be loved – and I get to be with that special someone every day. I couldn’t thank my lucky stars enough.

Putting my sentiment aside, Sundarta is an incredibly talented artist. If you’re as obsessed with Sweet Moon as I am, you’ll definitely fall head over heels for the rest of her discography.

“NEW MUSIC COMING SOON LOOK OUT >;)” Sundarta said on her SoundCloud profile. Stay tuned for more dreamy music from the indie singer-songwriter!

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