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Tune-In Tuesdays #63 BONUS: Future Misters on The Meaning Behind “Tension”

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By: Future Misters

Group photo of the indie-rock band Future Misters

Source: Future Misters

Michigan-based indie rock band Future Misters explore the meaning behind their latest single, “Tension.”

At the time of writing “Tension,” we took an aggressive approach to everything as a band. Practicing, playing shows, and touring are some of the things we’ve been doing and have wasted no time on to have our voices heard.

Like many others, we’d love to be able to play music together for a living, and the way we want to do it is by making songs that have a lot of energy and a feeling of release. “Tension” speaks to this with a lot of attitude.

To sum it up, the words tell you to do whatever you want with your life, “to each is their own,” but we’re doing what we want and it’s fun and exciting so you should, too.

The title came from the lyrics of the song, and it can have multiple meanings. For us, we express how we’re not going to let anyone tell us how to live.

In order to make your own life choices, sometimes you have to be brave and uncomfortable. There may be people who say you can’t do this or you can’t do that, or “you won’t be able to pay the bills with that guitar.”

There will always be bills and a way to pay them, but there won’t always be a “you.”

Future Misters

Life is too short. On another note, there are people (especially on social media) who imply how you should act, along with eye-grabbing advertisements and unwarranted political opinions, who are out there to rattle your cage or persuade you into buying. “Tension” is about feeling the pressure from those things and freeing yourself from them at the same time.

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