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Tune-In Tuesdays #66: Grasmere: “Together we are invincible”

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By: Grasmere

A group photo of alternative pop-rock band Grasmere in an arcade. Photo courtesy of Gage Vota, GMV Photography

Source: Grasmere

Alternative pop-rock band Grasmere unites and inspires us with their latest single, “Invincible.”

It’s not a secret that we are living in a time of divide.  When we aren’t watching the news, we’re seeing it on social media 24/7.  Everywhere we look we are blasted with arguments, politics, and negativity. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone, even while being so easily connected to anyone in the world. Instead of speaking up, we’ve learned to keep our heads down and deal with our anxiety and depression alone. It’s something I think almost anyone can relate to, myself included. 

But what if we didn’t have to fight through life alone?
What if we changed? 
What if we compromised?
What if we took command?

Imagine the lost and the broken working together and changing the world;  taking the negativity and using it as a fuel to spread hope and love. If we all took small steps every day, we could make it a reality.


While one voice is quiet, one million voices cannot be ignored. This is the driving force behind “Invincible,” and this is the driving force behind Grasmere. 

Together we are stronger. Together we can achieve anything.  Together we are invincible.

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