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Tune-In Tuesdays #70 BONUS: Mint on the Turbulence of the Digital Age

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By: Mint

Group photo of the UK-based rock band Mint

Source: Mint

UK-based rock band Mint shares the story behind their latest single, “Turbulence.”

“Turbulence” by Mint music video

Source: Mint – Turbulence (Official Video Part 1) | Mint Official

We grew up with social media all around us. On tour, we were recounting stories in Jimmy Mac’s tour bus laughing about our school days with Facebook parties, pictures you weren’t meant to see, and finding amazing music.

Later that night, I was talking to some really bright young fans and one was telling me that they’d been greatly troubled with mental health issues growing up. They were talking about the role the internet had played in taking them on what seemed like a domed, one-way journey and how they brought themselves back.

I took all of these thoughts away with me and a day after the tour ended had the usual low point where you’re suddenly on your own and you feel like the circus has left town without you – like you’re alone and nobody is coming back for you.

I had also been keeping up to date about the #MeToo movement as yet another media frenzy was exploding surrounding a profiled predatory pervert taking advantage of aspiration as he hobbled into court looking for pity, only to walk unaided from court to jail.

I felt very low and at the same very time angry and headed to see Lenny – we write the songs together. I was ranting about mental health issues, low points and the trial and the song suddenly flowed.

We wanted to create frenetic layering. The snare drum resembles a racing heart of panic and the underlying guitars a troubled dark and tortured mind, where the chorus is a form of salvation as well as a warning (“This is your captain speaking, never forget this feeling.”) We want to write a track that completely immerses you as if you can’t escape and are finally spat out at the end, reeling, dazed, but happy to be alive.

I’m also really happy with the imagery in the lyrics. It’s such a great track to play live! Ultimately, it’s a nod to mental health issues seen through a cinematic plane crash.

The accompanying alternative mix by Lenny is like a ‘ten years later’ sequel. It’s “Nine Inch Nails” soaking up reruns of “Twin Peaks” in the early hours. It’s the soundtrack of the person that didn’t get off the plane.

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