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A Stranger Came And Talked About Iceland by Liliana E. Guzmán

By: Liliana E. Guzmán

Beautiful sunrise over the fjord in Iceland

Source: Adobe Stock

Poet Liliana E. Guzmán paints the scenery of Iceland.

A doubled cut sky interrupted by mountains
the layer of early hues then blended by cotton

Shadows that meet under the ocean overlap
as ocean nudges forward then back against itself

Like wind that stays all nervously howling
with strong breezy hoots that make it a good day

Stacked rubble creating shelves for themselves
with a cold sweat glittering over the sickly stone bush

Still sand that’s been sitting through miles of time
is hit will fallen light that comes from the popped sun

Lifted moisture softens my chapped skin
—this is the new way for sealife to live

As peripheral vision cuts the landscape short,
the blinds of a blink compact what it could be

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Liliana E Guzmán

Liliana E. Guzmán is a teenage Mexican-American poet and rock journalist whose work has been previously in Unlost Journal, Moonchild Magazine, Scriturra Magazine, and Five2One, among others. And more recently, receiving publication in a Brazil-based punk zine, IWannaBeYrGrrrl. Before that, on the edge of sixteen, she was sent into the world of music journalism, where she began and is currently working as an interviewer and photographer for a heavy metal magazine called TheGauntlet. Her work can be found/and is regularly published under her pseudonym, Teddy, the English translation of a Spanish childhood nickname given to her by her mother. Liliana currently resides on Missouri's western edge in the country's heartland.

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