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A Truth From My Weeping Eyes by Mahik’s

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By: Mahik’s

Earth sheds tears from space

Source: The Burgundy Zine

Poet Mahik’s shares an eye-opening poem, written from the perspective of mother Earth.

Life was so much quaint when you didn’t know how to drive,
had cement in your hands or know how to bribe
When plastic was unknown and forests were elite
When I was worshipped with a grace and not trodden under your feet

Oh, those days were good, when the dictionary had no words
Like war, hate, hurt, kill, or the ones that destroy me, “the Earth”
Now my face is turning pale, cause my colors- green and blue
Are vanishing away so quick, and it’s just because of you

You cut my leafy hands and put on them your builds
You loaded me with tons like you, and others you killed
Soon you started to hate each other, and called out for wars
Then technology had to come, just to build firewalls

You now have bullets in your heart, and greed in mind
Now there’s no place left, where peace I find
I liked you more when you all were human beings
You were then humane humans but now, just the dregs of zombies

I know you’ll hate the bitter truth, but today I say
you are not the same creature, the masterpiece I made
You still are my kid though, and I want you to be the best,
But it hurts me to see you crumbled in all the mess

I gave you everything I could, but look at what you did
Now everything you do is like an attempt to kill
Me, and if I die, you won’t survive a day
Cause there’s no science of yours, by which my twin can be made

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Living in Moradabad, a city of North India famous for its handicraft industries and export of handicraft items all over the world, Mahika Bansal is a teen poet with enormous dreams just like all other growing buds of her age. As an artist, Mahika tries to compose poetry that speaks about the beauty of the world as well as the dark side of life. She is a creator of ideas, floating in the sparkling sea of imagination.

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