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Candles and Soap – the Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gifts

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By: burgundy bug

Christmas Trees

Source: Christmas Trees | Penelope Peru Photography P³

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! If you’ve still got a few loose gifts to wrap up and you’re not sure what to get that special someone in your life, candles and soap may be your best bet.

There is always a small part of me that is worried that the receiver will interpret my gift as a hint that they smell bad. However, that’s… Well, that’s almost never the case. Soap just makes sense. I mean, we all bathe – some more than others.

Luckily, no one’s ever gotten offended when I hand them a gift bag from Aveda, Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, Lush, or Yankee Candle.

Candles and Soap

The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Burgundy Bug and XtaSeay, looking into a mirror by candle light

Source: Snowy Saturdaze | Penelope Peru Photography P³

If you’re scrambling for a gift just two days before Christmas, don’t panic (yet, at least). After all, it’s not too late to grab a gift with Amazon Prime‘s two-day shipping.

Both candles and soap are the perfect gift to grab if you’re not sure what to give a family member, in-law, friend, or colleague. Who doesn’t appreciate things that smell nice?

Keep in mind any allergies or sensitivities the receiver may have. For example, if they are a migraine sufferer who’s symptoms are triggered by overpowering scent, opt for something on the lighter more neutral side.

If you’re feeling seasonal, Yankee Candle has a wide array of holiday scents such as Candy Cane Lane and Christmas Eve that are just delightful. Balsam and Cedar is another staple scent of the holiday season.

Bath and Body Works run some of their best sales during this time of year. As I’m writing this (Dec. 22, 2018 @ 4:02 AM, if you want to get technical), they are currently running a Buy Three get Three on select products from their line of body care.

Bath and Body Works is also running a promotion on their hand soaps, which are currently 5 for $23!

I kid you not, I wait all year for Bath and Body Works to bring their Winter Candy Apple fragrance back, so you better swoop ’em up while supplies last. Twisted Peppermint has always been another favorite in my household.

Bath and Body Works at the Shops in Old Mill District, OR

Source: Shops at Old Mill District | Penelope Peru Photography P³

Candles and Soap are affordable, gender neutral gifts that are absolutely perfect, especially if you’re not sure what to get that special someone the weekend before Christmas. You don’t have to worry about sizes or food sensitivities and the recipient will be over the moon (unless they’re offended by the gesture. Which in that case, they can screw off and you can save your $30 for someone more deserving next year).

What better than to pair your gift with a card? Give my DIY guide to the Cutest Handmade Greeting Cards a glance if you want to make your gift extra special and just a bit more personable.

(P/S: It’s probably worth noting that I am in no way shape or form sponsored by or affiliated with the brands mentioned above. I’m just a loyal, long-time patron here to share a few tips after finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon)

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