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Falling in Love by Chic Sex Shop

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By: Chic Sex Shop

Happy couple throwing autumn fall leaves, walking and having fun in a park

Source: Falling in Love | Chic Sex Shop

Sexperts at Chic Sex Shop propose a few social distance-friendly date ideas that are perfect for this season.

Tis the season for fashion, pumpkin-spiced everything, Halloween mischief, changing leaves, and LOVE.

New season, new lover — or at the very least, the change in weather could inspire you to metamorphose into a new hue of loving with your pre-established soul mate.

While the pandemic has sucked the fun out of everything, including traditional fall festivities like hay rides and haunted houses, there are still plenty of social-distancing approved dates you can embark on this season.

Go For a Hike

Beautiful autumn season, hiking through Canadian mountains

Source: Falling in Love | Chic Sex Shop

There’s no better time for hiking than autumn and you simply can not convince us sexperts otherwise.

Want to go hiking in the winter? Nope. It’s so cold you’ll start nipping through all of your layers, even your puffiest puffer coat.

Want to go hiking in the spring? Too wet, too mucky, and the weather is too unpredictable. Freezing one day and sweltering the next.

Want to go hiking in the summer? What are you, mad? Listen. I’ve attempted this with enough bug spray to ward off the entire tri-state area and guess what? I still received more bites from the bugs than I did from my lover that night!

But hey, nothing’s more romantic than checking each other for ticks, right? So maybe a summer hike isn’t such a bad thing, y’know, if you want to whiff hoagie-scented pheromones all night long.

Want to go hiking in the fall? Yes. A thousand times yes. The weather is cool and slightly more stable than it is in spring, the bugs have started to retreat, and the scenery is jaw dropping.

Depending on where you go hiking during the autumn months, it’s akin to stepping directly into a painting. It’s purely, hopelessly, and utterly romantic.

Go on a Scenic Drive

Colorful autumn scene on countryside road in the forest

Source: Falling in Love | Chic Sex Shop

If neither of you are too fond of hiking, that’s a-okay! You can still enjoy a glimpse of the fall scenery by going on a nice, lengthy drive down nearby backroads with one another.

To really set the mood, we recommend curating a playlist of eachothers’ favorite songs prior to taking the drive.

Carve Pumpkins Together

Two people carve pumpkins together

Source: Falling in Love | Chic Sex Shop

Nobody said you had to be particularly skilled at pumpkin carving (or art, for that matter), either. In fact, the goofier your pumpkins look, the better.

You can laugh about it endlessly together, which will inevitably spill into an adorable giggle-filled make-out session.

…And they say oysters are an aphrodisiac. But honestly, pumpkins are the ultimate cocktail for getting love drunk.

Cycle Out Your Wardrobes Together

Young couple kissing in a park in autumn

Source: Falling in Love | Chic Sex Shop

Partners in crime, life, and… fashion. If you find cycling out your wardrobe for fall a drag, spice it up by doing it together!

Who knows, you might end up enjoying it so much you go on a fall fashion shopping spree together. Perhaps you’ll even pick up some matching turtle necks, too.

Kick it Old School at a Drive-In Movie Theatre

A couple sit atop their car and kiss during a drive-in movie screening

Source: Falling in Love | Chic Sex Shop

While movie theaters have recently attempted to re-open in some parts of the country, other areas have started screening at drive-ins.

A quick Google search should pull up a list of drive-in theaters that have recently cropped up. Some are showing classics, others are hosting premiers, and quite a few local ones are holding mini film festivals.

Either way, your car offers a bit more privacy than a dim-lit movie theatre… Consider it groping galore, though you should save some less-decent acts for the sheets… You don’t want to get kicked out or give the other attendees a free peep show, after all.

Scary Movie Marathon at Home

Women snuggled on the couch watching horror movie on tv

Source: Falling in Love | Chic Sex Shop

On the other hand, fuck the drive-ins. Just hold a scary movie marathon at home so you can shamelessly hold each other real close in the comfort of your living room. Spooning is highly encouraged.

Get Baked

Two women wait for their apple pie to finish baking

Source: Falling in Love | Chic Sex Shop

Get baked… Then do some baking! If your local farmer’s market is open, pick up a big ol’ bag of red delicious apples and a pumpkin or two (or canned pumpkins, ’cause let’s be honest, cleaning out pumpkins for DIY-puree takes a bit of elbow grease that could otherwise be used in the bedroom).

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Chic Sex Shop

New Season, New Toys

That’s right. Just as you should cycle out your wardrobe during this time of year, you should also start cycling out your sex toys. Why wait until the holiday season?

Treat yourself now — and treat yourself then, too!

Head on over to ChicSexShop for all the tools and supplies you need to spice up your sex life this season!
Visit their blog for more sexual wellness advice and be sure to follow them on Instagram, as well.

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