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fire water // poem

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By: burgundy bug

XtaSeay’s eyes

Source: The End of May | Penelope Peru Photography p3

there are oceans in your eyes,

and i want to sail the seven seas,

i want to feel you crash over me,

there are oceans in your eyes,

and there are fires in mine,

you are the calm and i am the wake,

you are the moonlight as it wanes,

and i am the sun at high noon – a fiery vengeance enough to drive anyone insane,

and yet within your embrace,

i feel i’ve found my place,

the sun sets over the ocean,

and the moonlight wanes through the night,

as i look over at your delicate features in the TV light,

i am enlightened by your presence,

i have found love, purity, happiness, and all that is pleasant,

it lies right here,

in the house that’s always been right there,

glued to strangers and split down the pavement,

despite the company of a quarter of a hundred grand this town had always felt so vacant,

until i brought you into my cove,

cloaked under comforters,

now i never want to go,

there are oceans in your eyes,

that begin to stream from mine whenever we have to say goodbye,

if only for a few hours, minutes, or seconds,

i simply can not bare it,

i simply would not spare it,

there is love within your fingertips,

and now you’re leaving traces on my hips,

curving inwards and outwards,

along my waist and rib cage, all my unrefined edges,

my heart sings for you,

can you hear it?

my eyes burn bright for you,

if i take off my shades, will you tell me if you see it?

there are oceans in your eyes,

and while there are fires in mine,

i want to sail the seven seas,

i want to feel you wash over me.

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