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Snowy Night Snowman Hand Painted Seashell by Two Classy Chics

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By: Two Classy Chics

A snowman on a blue, snowy background, painted onto a clamshell by Shelly

Source: Snowy Night Snowman Hand Painted Seashell | Two Classy Chics

Shelly of Two Classy Chics teaches us how to paint a snowy night snowman on a seashell.

For the past three and a half years, I’ve been sharing a ton of seashell craft projects with all of you here on The Classy Chics blog. I love crafting with seashells and use them to decorate the inside and outside of my home.

They’re even more fun to use in my holiday craft projects like this one!

Unlike most of my other painted seashell designs, this one allows a lot of the natural beauty of the clamshell to shine through. Instead of covering the entire side of the shell with paint, I opted to do an “inset” design.

I was able to complete the project in just two afternoons, allowing time for the paint to dry as I went along.

Snowy Night Snowman Hand Painted Seashell

  • Large 5-in wide clam seashell
  • Metallic dark blue acrylic craft paint
  • White, black, and orange acrylic craft paint
  • Paintbrush, water dish, and paper towels
  • Clear acrylic spray Sealer, glossy finish

Wash and thoroughly dry your shell before starting this project. I like to do this at least two days before I plan on working on the project. You need to remove all of the sand and debris. It must be completely DRY.

Paint your triangular background by using two coats of the dark blue metallic craft paint. Let dry for one hour or until no longer tacky.

Use white acrylic craft paint to make two snowball shapes with the top one being slightly smaller than the bottom one. I had to use two coats of white paint to get the even coverage that I wanted. Let dry for one hour.

Then, use the orange acrylic craft paint to make a triangular-shaped carrot nose that points up into the air. Use black acrylic craft paint to make the snowman’s mouth on the top snowball and to dot on three black buttons onto the bottom snowball.

Dip the non-bristle end of your paintbrush into white acrylic craft paint. Use the paintbrush end to dot-on the falling snow “dots” in a random pattern on the dark blue background. Let dry for two hours.

Take your seashell outside. Lightly spray one to two coats of clear acrylic spray sealer in a glossy finish over the top of the shell. Let dry for 2 hours or until no longer tacky. This will prevent your painted finish from chipping, cracking or fading.

You can now use your painted seashells to decorate inside or outside your home!

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