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Strain of the Week: Medical Mary Broad Spectrum 1500MG CBD Tincture

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By: burgundy bug & Xavier

Medical Mary Broad Spectrum 1500mg CBD Tincture (Orange Flavor)

Source: Medical Mary Broad Spectrum 1500MG CBD Tincture | Penelope Peru Photography

Medical Mary’s broad spectrum tinctures are the highly effective and highly enjoyable splash of relief you deserve to incorporate in your day-to-day routine.

A Bit of Context…

“At Medical Mary, we combine the world’s finest CBD products with potent and proven nutraceuticals. We are passionate about the “New Science of CBD”  and work to deliver beneficial products that are changing lives.”

Medical Mary

Medical Mary is a manufacturer of cannabidiol (CBD) products including both broad and full spectrum tinctures, capsules, gummies, and dog treats, as listed on their website.

All of their products are manufactured at a FDA Registered facility in the United States and doesn’t hit the market without reaching at least 99.8 percent purity in lab testing, according to their about page.

Medical Mary Broad Spectrum 1500MG CBD Tincture

Medical Mary Broad Spectrum 1500mg CBD Tincture (Orange Flavor)

Source: Medical Mary Broad Spectrum 1500MG CBD Tincture | Penelope Peru Photography

Suggested Use

“Take 0.5ml to 1ml one to two times per day or as needed. 1ml = 50MG CBD.”

How to Use

Place 0.5ml to 1ml under the tongue and do not swallow for about 20 seconds. Effects should begin within 15 to 20 minutes of use.

Medical Mary Broad Spectrum 1500MG CBD Tincture Review

The CBD oil comes in a small blue bottle, which is very easy to take with you in your purse or backpack on the go. The dropper also makes administering the oil under the tongue or into your beverage very easy.

In general, tinctures and other edibles are great for allowing you to enjoy CBD in a subtle and discreet manner, opposed to vaping or other methods.

We decided to try the orange flavor, which tastes a bit like the tangy, unforgettable “Razzles” candy.

“It tastes pretty fruity and a bit oily,” XtaSeay said. “I like mixing it with a glass of water or a teaspoon of honey.”

Within just a few moments, the effects began to rise throughout my entire body. I was no longer hindered by aches, pains, or stress nagging my brain. I felt comfortable and relaxed, able to focus better as I could dedicate my full attention to whatever I was working on, rather than ruminating over to-do lists or physical discomfort.

“It’s very relaxing,” XtaSeay agreed. “I feel most of the effects in my head, rather than throughout my body.”

The cognitive effects are subtle, but that’s typical for CBD products. There is absolutely no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so you shouldn’t go into it expecting a headrush. Instead, Medical Mary will delight you with a subtle uplift and a good ol’ “shuuush” to your racing thoughts.

Bug’s Two Cents

5 out of 5 little drops of heaven

I had originally tried Medical Mary’s broad spectrum CBD at NECANN over the weekend, a bit skeptical due to my own past experiences with tinctures as a whole.

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The Burgundy Zine

Previously, I had tried tinctures from vape shops as well as medical marijuana dispensaries (both broad and full spectrum blends), but never really felt anything from them. No noticable benefits whatsoever, regardless of whether I sucked down dropper after dropper or not.

However, by the time I was two tables away from Medical Mary’s booth at NECANN, I could feel a distinct wave of relief consume me. I noticed that I was able to fully engage in conversation with vendors, words no longer seemed rigid as they rolled off my tongue and into the air. My shoulders were loose, my posture more inviting, and a smile lit up my expression.

“I have to go back and buy myself a tincture right now,” I thought to myself.

Days later, I still couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I highly recommend Medical Mary’s Broad Spectrum 1500MG CBD tincture for anyone looking to incorporate a little stress or pain relief into their daily routine – and I especially recommend the product for those of you out there who, like me, hadn’t had the best experiences with tinctures in the past.

Medical Mary will change the way you view tinctures and CBD as a whole. I can’t wait to purchase more!

XtaSeay’s Two Cents

4 out of 5 little drops of heaven

“I think Medical Mary’s CBD is great for daytime use and productivity,” XtaSeay said. “I’d recommend it for subtle relief of general pain as well as anxiety.”

Your Two Cents

Medical Mary Broad Spectrum 1500MG CBD Tincture
5 out of 5 little drops of heaven
4 out of 5 little drops of heaven
3 out of 5 little drops of heaven
2 out of 5 little drops of heaven
1 out of 5 little drops of heaven

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