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The New England Cannabis Convention Blows New Jersey Out of the Water

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By: burgundy bug

Northern Seeds presents Northern Lights

Source: NECANN New Jersey 2019 | Penelope Peru Photography

Green as far as the eye can see. From architects to agricultural veterans, the New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) was a one-stop shop for consumers, growers and entrepreneurs alike at the Atlantic City Convention Center in New Jersey this weekend.

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Vendors from as far north as Maine and as far west as California filled the convention hall to showcase their products and services.

“Everyone’s going crazy with growing in Maine,” said Jason, the founder of Northern Seeds. “Maine is like a different planet.”

Jason’s table featured seeds from a variety of classic kush strains, including: Northern Lights, Chem Dog, Gorilla Glue, and Pineapple Express.

Northern Seeds’ products available at NECANN New Jersey 2019

Source: NECANN New Jersey 2019 | Penelope Peru Photography

“I’ve been growing for decades,” he said. “Went pro in ’89.”

The conventions in Maine drastically contrast the experience at NECANN’s New Jersey event, Jason explained.

“At those conventions, everyone’s got jars of cannabis out and up for grabs,” he said. “It skunks out the whole [convention hall].”

Northern Seeds at NECANN New Jersey 2019

Although cannabis legislation is still subject to ongoing changes in Maine, Jason said busts on illegal grow facilities are rare up there.

“People are dying every day due to the opioid epidemic, and the population’s a lot smaller [in Maine],” he said. “Law enforcement is so caught up in that, we hardly see busts up there. I think I’ve seen one this year.”

Upon entering the venue on Sunday, guests were greeted by cannabis extraction gadgets galore at Across International‘s booth.

Across International at NECANN New Jersey 2019

To either side of their display were rows of vendors, tables of cannabidiol (CBD) edibles and tinctures, cannabis consulting firms, lawyers, banks, lighting and extracting equipment, the latest vaporizing gadgets, and companies that specialize in customized packaging solutions.

“I’ve been making CBD edibles for a long time, but we officially launched our company in January,” said Liz, the chef and founder of MindLeaf. “We made our debut at a convention on 4/20, actually.”

MindLeaf at NECANN New Jersey 2019

Source: NECANN New Jersey 2019 | Penelope Peru Photography

MindLeaf provided samples of scrumptious, organic CBD gummies, pretzels and spreads, in addition to their muscle rubs and tinctures that were available for purchase.

“It’s hard to judge what each person’s individual dose will be, but I’ve found that just a little bit does wonders for my anxiety,” Liz said. “We’ve also had customers tell us they use higher dosages for pain management and more restful sleep.”

NECANN was ripe with educational opportunities, as well. Many booths were dedicated to helping young professionals find their footing in the cannabis industry.

“We provide 101 cannabis courses online that detail the science behind cannabis and give our students insight on the business side of the industry, as well,” said Winston and Emily, CEOs of The Highly Educated. “Right now, we’re offering Cannabis Education 101 and Budtender Education, but will provide more specialized courses on growing, harvesting, dispensary management, and marketing in the future.”

The Highly Educated at NECANN New Jersey 2019

Source: NECANN New Jersey 2019 | Penelope Peru Photography

Although the courses are not college accredited, they develop skills that are highly valuable to employers in the cannabis industry.

“When our students show up to an interview with a transcript of our courses, it demonstrates that they’ve put in the hours to study the industry,” they said. “In our students’ experience, they’ve had more success finding careers because our courses are proof of training that other applicants may not have [on an academic level].”

At the heart of the convention hall, CCELL showcased their cutting-edge, customizable vaporizers while CannaBrand presented their colorful packaging solutions alongside them.

CCELL and CannaBrand at NECANN New Jersey 2019

Source: NECANN New Jersey 2019 | Penelope Peru Photography

“Our [vaporizer] tanks don’t leak,” said Brian, the CannaBrand’s Operations Manager. “If they do, it’s from the processor including additives that break the solution down.”

Brian explained that medical marijuana growers and processors on the east coast are still grappling with the pitfalls of the budding industry that had already been experienced out west five years ago.

One of the reasons why medical marijuana cartridges tend to leak in Pennsylvania is linked to the addition of too much Limonene, which causes the solution to become acidic and the compounds to break down, Brian said.

In addition to their expert insight on the vaporizing side of the industry, CCELL provided a wide variety of 510-thread cartridges, as well as pods, batteries, and disposable pens.

Across from their table, Medical Mary displayed their selection of CBD tinctures, capsules, gummies, and dog treats.

Medical Mary at NECANN New Jersey 2019

Source: NECANN New Jersey 2019 | Penelope Peru Photography

“All of our products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility,” Jorel said. “That’s unheard of in this industry.”

Their tinctures came in 250MG to 3000MG dosages of broad spectrum CBD in natural, peppermint, and orange flavor.

“We had full spectrum available yesterday and they were gone within two hours,” he said.

Just 15 minutes after consuming a dropper full of the 1500 MG broad spectrum CBD, the effects of the tincture flow through the user’s both cognitively and physically.

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The Burgundy Zine

“I always like to think of it as a cool fan blowing away any aches, pains, or worries I have,” Jorel said.

NECANN’s convention in Atlantic City provided east coast growers and consumers a mouth-watering sample of what’s been happening across the country for years.

NECANN New Jersey was a wonderful opportunity for consumers and professionals alike to connect, market, and collaborate. Whether you’re a patient or a grower, a processor or simply an advocate for legal cannabis, these conventions provide a platform for everyone to enrich their understanding of the industry.

Even if you attend NECANN in Maine this October for nothing other than to collect free stickers from all of the vendors, the educational side of the experience is well worth it.

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