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He Ain’t Budden: Joe Biden’s Stance on Cannabis Legislation

When asked if his stance on recreational cannabis had changed during a town hall in Las Vegas, Nev. on Saturday, former vice president Joe Biden said he wouldn’t legalize it nationally until there was more evidence cannabis isn’t a “gateway drug.” Okay, boomer.

Yet, recent research shows that cannabis use is associated with a decrease in the use of opioids, and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control says, “The majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, ‘harder’ substances.”

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Weekly Newsletter #45: Schmoozy Newsy

Phewzy, what a doozy. Upon returning from the College Media Convention last week, we slowzy-woahzy shifted back into the swing of things.

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The World’s First National Period Day

Today, Oct. 19, marks the very first national period day, according to Period., a non-profit organization fighting to end “period poverty.”

As this article is being written, rallies are taking place across the country to part the red sea of the oppressive “tampon tax” on period products.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #39: On Becoming and Being Maggie Schneider

The effervescent Atlanta-based pop-rock artist Maggie Schneider embraces her inner flare and ignites with self-love in her latest single, “Don’t Tell Me.”

On Sunday, we spoke to Schneider via telephone to learn more about what her sparked journey through self discovery, both musically and personally.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #38: Becky Crosby – A Classical Introduction

Inspired by the likes of Paramore and further empowered by her years of training as a classical vocalist, Becky Crosby put a fresh spin on pop-rock with the release of her single “I Know” on Monday.

Over the weekend, we spoke to Crosby via telephone to learn more about “I Know” as well as her lifelong love for passion and performing.

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Niki Brigs Battles for the Belt – And Wins

In just under a year since she began her journey as a bodybuilder, Niki Brigs earned her title as a professional at the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders’ Battle of the Belt in Aug.

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Water in Kilauea: The Impact and Potential Aftermath

Water was found in Kilauea, the most active volcano on the island of Hawai’i, on July 25, according to US Geological Survey (USGS)’s most recent report.

Recently, we reached out to Janet Babb and Dr. Carolyn Parcheta, experts with the USGS, via email to learn more about these findings and what they could mean for Kilauea, the island of Hawaii, and its residents.

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