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Weekly Newsletter #98: It’s Cruella, Darling

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By: burgundy bug

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It cost me $50 for one adult movie ticket, a small popcorn, and a diet soda to see Cruella on a whim while waiting for the train yesterday. And honestly, the film was so incredible, I’d pay $50 again just to see it one more time. But more about that’s to come next week.

In the meantime, let’s recap what’s been hot here at The Burgundy Zine and gloss over some exciting news elsewhere that you may not have heard about yet.


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Weekly Recap — Bi-Weekly Edition

We have some catching up to do since our last newsletter in March — so here’s a bi-weekly recap to kick things off!

Moody, mysterious, and captivating we tuned-in to a review of London singer-songwriter Laurel Cage’s single, “Out the Cage” on May 18.

Looking for a few ways to boost your business? No problem. Writer Jeremy Bowler shared a few excellent tips for bringing your small business to the next level for free on May 19.

Next up, thought-to-text interfaces are just around the corner — but the reality may not be as horrifyingly sci-fi and fallible as one might assume. Recently, researchers programmed a brain-computer interface that decodes “attempted handwriting movements” from motor cortex activity.

This technology allows people who have been paralyzed for years to imagine handwriting and translate that into texting at speeds of 90 characters per minute with 94.1 percent accuracy, which is comparable to average smartphone typing speeds.

Can marine engineering change how oil drilling pollutes the ccean? Yes. On May 21, experts from iDiveBlue explained what marine engineering is and detailed current advancements in the field that are mitigating the impact of oil drilling on sea life.

What do modern consumers look for when carousing your business’ website? Here are the top four. In this piece, writer Jeremy Bowler explains some of the most important elements consumers look for while surfing the web.

To celebrate the release of the radiant Melodie Muggy’s first track, “Chunkawunk,” we tuned-in to an interview with the musician to learn more about her passion for music, her art and jewelry shops online, as well as her values. Muggy also shared some great advice for artists and musicians who are gearing up to release their first creations.

Last — but most certainly not least — we took a trip down memory lane to explore how entheogenic plants and fungi affect memory on a neuropsychological level.

Weekly Roundup

  • For every Grassroots sale at a participating Curaleaf dispensary between May 27 to May 31, a $5 donation will be made to the Balanced Veterans Network. The Balanced Veterans Network is a peer-to-peer network helping veterans navigate life outside the military through alternative therapies. Click here to find a Curaleaf near you!
  • With warm weather upon us, now’s the perfect time to start your very own vegetable garden. Head on over to BackYard54 to learn how to transform your backyard into the perfect plant nursery for fruits and veggies!

Research Roundup

International research teams explore genetic effects of Chernobyl radiation

By: National Institutes of Health: Intramural Research Program

“In two landmark studies, researchers have used cutting-edge genomic tools to investigate the potential health effects of exposure to ionizing radiation, a known carcinogen, from the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in northern Ukraine,” says a press release by the NIH Intramural Research Program.

One study revealed that there’s no evidence radiation exposure to parents resulted in new genetic changes being passed down to their children, whereas the other study documented genetic changes in the tumors of those who developed thyroid cancer after being exposed to the radiation as a child or fetus.

“Scientific questions about the effects of radiation on human health have been investigated since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and have been raised again by Chernobyl and by the nuclear accident that followed the tsunami in Fukushima, Japan,” said Stephen J. Chanock, M.D., director of NCI’s Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG). “In recent years, advances in DNA sequencing technology have enabled us to begin to address some of the important questions, in part through comprehensive genomic analyses carried out in well-designed epidemiological studies.”

Chronic wireless streaming of invasive neural recordings at home for circuit discovery and adaptive stimulation

By: R. Gilron et al.

While the technology to record electrical brain activity — such as Electroencephalography (EEG) — has been around since 1924, R. Gilron et al. have developed the tools to wirelessly record brain activity through “an implantable two-way neural interface for wireless, multichannel streaming.”

Such tools have the potential to unlock more advanced monitoring and treatment protocols for neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and epilepsy, among others.

“The implications of this type of recording are significant,” says a recent press release by the NIH. “The brain activity patterns (neural signatures) normally used to identify problems such as Parkinson’s disease symptoms have traditionally been recorded in clinical settings over short periods of time. This new technology makes it possible to validate those signatures during ordinary daily activities.”

Exciting Events

  • So, you’ve invested in a cryptocurrency like Doge or Shiba recently, and now you’re asking yourself, “when moon? where Lambo?” Well, now might just be your chance to get Lambo. Sportsbet.io is giving away a 2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO Convertible to one lucky delegate at the 2021 Bitcoin conference.
  • The Academy of Vocal Arts is bringing the talents of AVA Master Coach Danielle Orlando, Resident Artists Kara Mulder, Anne Marie Stanley, Sahel Salam, and recent AVA graduate Daniel Gallegos to the Ocean City Tabernacle in N.J. on Wednesday, June 2 at 7 p.m. The varied musical program will include opera, operetta, Broadway, and popular American songs. Tickets at $25 at the door, follow the AVA on social media to learn more!

Going Forward

As foreshadowed in our intro, you can expect a juicy review of the brand-spankin’-new Cruella movie next week. And of course, be sure to keep your eyes peeled and your headphones ready for our weekly installment of Tune-In Tuesdays, too!

Additionally, we have decided the official release date for “The Burgundy Zine #18: Imagination Recaptured” will be July 28, 2021. We will release a formal announcement and update to our initial submission guidelines for this issue in the days to come, as well.

In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe, and get some sunshine — just don’t skimp on the SPF! 😉

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