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Tune-In Tuesdays #108: “Soft Bits In,” a Chiptune Tribute to the Flaming Lips is Now on Kickstarter

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By: burgundy bug

“Soft Bits In” album artwork by Doctor Octoroc

Source: Doctor Octoroc

Levi “Doctor Octoroc” has recently kicked off the Kickstarter campaign for “Soft Bits In,” his chiptune take on The Flaming Lips’ album, “The Soft Bulletin.”

Backers can enjoy a variety of rewards for pledging their support to the campaign, including: a deluxe digital download of the album, a special edition vinyl press, a two-hour “Chiptunes 101” master class with Doctor Octoroc, and a chiptune track produced just for you by Doctor Octoroc himself.

“‘The Soft Bulletin’ was one of the first albums I ever saw in a store and was like, ‘I want this album,'” Doctor Octoroc said during our interview about “Soft Bits” In last year. “It’s an album that I love, an album that I thought would go really well in the format, so I decided to go for that.”

“Soft Bits In” vinyl played on an NES turntable

Source: SOFT BITS IN: A Chiptune Tribute to THE FLAMING LIPS (NES+DMG cover of The Soft Bulletin) on Vinyl! | DoctorOctoroc

“Soft Bits In” Pledge Tiers & Backer Rewards

  • $12 or more: Digital Download
    • A digital download of the full album and HD album artwork
  • $25 or more: Deluxe Digital Album Download
    • A digital download of the full album and digital album artwork, plus a digital download of Doctor Ocotoroc’s other albums
    • “Soft Bits In” download
    • “After These Messages” download
    • “Shamroctoroc” download
    • “In the RP2A Over the Sea” download
  • $60 or more: Special Edition Vinyl Press
    • Everything included in the Deluxe Digital Album Download and Vinyl Press with a set of exclusive pixel art prints, album inserts, stickers, and a physical copy of Doctor Octoroc’s six-panel digipack “8-Bit Jesus” album on CD (Shipping included for those in the US)
    • Double LP Vinyl Press
    • Album inserts
    • Art prints
    • Stickers
    • “8-Bit Jesus” CD Digipak
    • Deluxe Digital Album Download
  • $100 or more: Chiptunes 101
    • Everything included with the Special Edition Vinyl Press, plus a two-hour-long master class session with Doctor Octoroc where you can learn how he made the album. Additional time is available with an add-on to your pledge, as well!
    • Double LP Vinyl Press
    • Album Inserts
    • Stickers
    • “8-Bit Jesus” CD Digipak
    • Two-hour master class session
    • Deluxe Digital Album Download
  • $200 or more: Personal Producer
    • Everything included with the Special Edition Vinyl Press, plus Doctor Octoroc will create a custom chiptune track of up to five minutes based on any song of your choice (or something original).
    • Double LP Vinyl Press
    • Album inserts
    • Art prints
    • Stickers
    • “8-Bit Jesus” CD Digipak
    • Custom chiptune track
    • Deluxe Digital Album Download

Updates and additional information are available in the “Soft Bits In” Kickstarter campaign, which has already reached 85 percent funding with 16 days left to go! You can also learn more about the album and the mastermind behind it in our interview.

“The band is so crazy with the way they manipulate sound, even from just regular instruments, they could’ve either used a real orchestra and made it sound more electronic – or they could’ve made it electronically, which they did, and then tweaked it to make it sound like it had originally been a real orchestra,” Doctor Octoroc said. “I tried to throw that line myself, to the degree that I obviously can’t, I’m only working with the sound chips in the two systems, but if I could take them and manipulate them in a way that most people aren’t used to hearing, then I feel like I’m one step closer to doing the original album justice in that respect.”

Support “Soft Bits In” on Kickstarter now!

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