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Tune-In Tuesdays #106: Out the Cage by Laurel Smith

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By: burgundy bug

“Out the Cage” by Laurel Smith

Source: Out the Cage | Laurel Smith

Moody and mysterious, London singer-songwriter Laurel Smith entrances listeners with her sultry single, “Out the Cage.”

A Bit of Context…

Born in raised in North London, Smith draws inspiration from alt-pop artists including Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, Trippie Redd, and The Weekend, her Spotify bio explains.

“[The] singer, songwriter, and performer combines elements of pop, hip-hop, and electronic to create a unique sound, taking on different personas and telling stories through her music,” her bio continues.

Out the Cage by Laurel Smith

Starting off with a crisp, hypnotic mandolin, the news clip samples lay the foundation for the story that unfolds throughout “Out the Cage.”

The build up in the intro is incredibly well-done — I get goosebumps every time Smith’s vocals begin. Her steady tone is alluring, soothing, yet haunting when paired with the sinister beat.

Speaking of the beat, the drop during the first refrain is incredibly smooth and refreshing. The incorporation of the mandolin, backing vocals, and other subtle sound effects create an entirely immersive listening experience.

All of the elements come together to make the listener feel empowered — badass, even — while listening to “Out the Cage.”

The bridge and the chorus are both very catchy, and the music video is just as well-produced as the song.

Music video for “Out the Cage” by Laurel Smith

Source: Laurel Smith – Out The Cage (Official Video) | Laurel Smith

From the cinematography and color coordination, to her outfit and the snake, each shot feels like a scene from a movie.

Overall, “Out the Cage” is a unique, mesmerizing release. Smith’s vocals and storytelling are enticing, and the production is immaculate. You can feel the “bad-girl trap-pop” vibes coursing through your veins with each listen — which is something everyone deserves to experience.

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