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Health Diary Digital PDF Planner — Now Available on ETSY!

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By: burgundy bug

Burgundy Bug’s Health Diary PDF planner — now available on Etsy

Source: Burgundy Bug

Editor burgundy bug has just released her Health Diary PDF planner templates on Etsy! The health diary comes in three different versions: a flattened PDF, fillable PDF, and DELUXE BUNDLE.

Along with both the flattened and fillable PDF templates, the deluxe bundle includes 22 free digital stickers to decorate your planners with. Burgundy Bug is also running a 25 percent off sale on all of her physical prints and stickers to celebrate the release of her Health Diary PDF.

Currently, the Health Diary is only available as a DIGITAL PDF, however, she does intend on releasing physical copies of the planner soon, as well.

BugsBoops Health Diary PDF

Start your very own HEALTH DIARY with our digital planner PDF templates! Undated, unnumbered, and incredibly flexible, our Health Diary is designed to be your best friend throughout your health journey. This PDF planner is compatible with your iPad, Mac, or PC! We highly recommend using Good Notes 5 or Adobe Acrobat, but you may use whichever notetaking, drawing, or PDF editing app you prefer.

If you’re exclusively using a notetaking or drawing app, we recommend the FLATTENED PDF. The FILLABLE PDF has fillable forms built into it, though you can also add text to the flattened PDF using Adobe Acrobat. Some apps may also allow you to password protect your Health Diary to ensure what you write remains for your eyes only.

All of the lines are 0.4-in spaced, making it easy to write and read your diary! The Health Diary PDF utilizes a very crisp, clean design with a simple color scheme to help your notes pop.

Each purchase comes bundled in a .zip file with the PDF package of your choice along with handwritten and typed SAMPLE DEMOs to provide you with some inspiration for your spreads.

Although this is a DIGITAL product, you are more than welcome to print out the pages and glue them into your own journal to create a physical planner!

You can move, duplicate, or exclude pages as your heart desires. With 22 unique templates in the Health Diary PDF, you have the option to create monthly, weekly, daily, and nightly spreads. The DELUXE BUNDLE includes the FLATTENED, FILLABLE, and an additional 22 FREE DIGITAL STICKERS to decorate your diary with!

All-in-all, here’s everything included within the FLATTENED and FILLABLE PDFs:

  • An Introductory page for your contact info as well as three emergency contact spaces
  • A page to include your doctors’ and specialists’ information.
  • A page to write in your conditions, medications and medication schedules, symptoms, family medical history, and allergies/intolerances
  • A front & back figure to draw and highlight your pain areas
  • A BLANK, UNDATED, two-page MONTHLY calendar spread with a section for your monthly mantra and notes
  • A two-page WEEKLY spread to highlight how you’re feeling throughout the week, what you’re looking forward to, your symptoms throughout the week, your weekly dose of positivity, upcoming appointments, exercises, and notetaking
  • A DAILY spread to highlight how you’re feeling, take notes, write in your daily medication, and upcoming appointments
  • A NIGHTLY spread to rate your symptom severity throughout the day, summarize your symptoms, summarize your day, take note of potential symptom triggers, and reflect on your takeaway from the day
  • A SELF CARE spread to write in your sleep quality, sleep duration, track your water intake, log your meals, and track your habits
  • A HABIT TRACKER to color in which habits you built upon throughout the month
  • A two-page RESEARCH spread to take notes of any articles or videos you see online that pertain to your health journey. There is also a space to cite where you found the information so you can revisit it later!
  • A two-page QUESTIONS FOR YOUR DOCTOR spread to highlight when your last and next appointments are along with any questions, comments, or topics you’d like to discuss during your next doctor’s visit
  • A two-page REFLECTION spread to free-write
  • A two-page FREE SPACE spread to doodle, draw, add photos, diagrams, and other reference images
  • A two-page COMIC SPREAD with four large panels per page to creatively express your feelings

22 digital stickers are included in the DELUXE BUNDLE of Burgundy Bug’s Health Diary PDF

Source: Burgundy Bug


  • EMOTICONS: Happy, Winky, Blushy, Frowny, Angry, Pukey
  • WEATHER: Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy, Snowy
  • NATURE: Sunflower, Sprout, Berry Bush
  • HEARTS: Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple
  • EVENT SYMBOLS: Period, Doctor’s Bag, Gift

Once you save these digital stickers as images, you can insert them into your diary and stick ‘em all over each page. Currently, these digital stickers are exclusive to the DELUXE BUNDLE, although we may release additional digital stickers for your digital planners in the future.

If you’re looking for a PDF planner that goes beyond to-do lists and habit tracking to help you log your physical and mental health symptoms, the Health Diary is for you. This Health Diary is meant to be highly personal safe-space to express yourself, but if you would like to share your spreads with us online, tag us on Instagram (@bugsboops) or TikTok (@burgundybug).

All three versions of Burgundy Bug’s Health Diary PDF are now available on Etsy: the Deluxe Bundle, Flattened PDF, and Fillable PDF

Source: Burgundy Bug

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