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The Most Common Types of Men’s Sneakers by Milda Urbonaite

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By: Milda Urbonaite

Sporty men’s sneakers

Source: Photo provided by Urbonaite

Milda Urbonaite gives expert fashion tips on how to style various types of men’s sneakers.

Sneakers are the go-to footwear for everyone from everyday people to billionaires. 

They’re comfortable, trendy, affordable, and go with almost any outfit. Most people have at least a pair, and sneakerheads (true sneaker fans) boast vast collections. Sneakerheads even wait hours in lines for the newest shoe launches.

Various types of sneakers are available, from runners and canvas tennis shoes to work. There are sneakers for just about any style and occasion.

Here are the most common sneaker types for men.

The Wardrobe Staple

White and red sneakers on a ripped denim background

Source: Envato Elements

You can’t go wrong pairing sleek sneakers with a casual outfit — that look’s a wardrobe staple.

The right pair of sneakers can complete any look from jeans and a t-shirt to basic tracksuit pants to luxurious athleisure.

They’re also versatile: you can wear them while going out for a walk, grabbing lunch, or for a fun night out with friends. 

But sneakers also work well for smart-casual looks and occasions like an office event or a semi-formal garden party.

Style a nice pair of white sneakers with a slim-fitting suit and the high-quality v-neck tees by Fresh Clean Tees, which are delivered straight to your door. You’ll be good to go!

Lastly, leather trainers will also work with a button-down shirt, blazer, and chinos.

Make sure you keep your sneakers clean, too. There are only a few things that are as off-putting as dirty shoes. Wash the laces, brush the outsoles, and eliminate foul odors. 

Plimsoll Sneakers

A young man ties his white plimsoll sneakers

Source: Envato Elements

These are some of the most common and popular sneakers out there. They’re low-top, come in multiple styles, colors, and complement almost any taste.

Go barefoot or wear no-show socks with these sneakers, unless you’re going for a nerdy look.

Plimsoll sneakers go pretty much with anything — jeans, shorts, chinos. They can either be understated or the star of your outfit. 

High-Top Sneakers

White high-top sneakers resting on a white, minimalist stool

Source: Envato Elements

A true fashion statement, high top sneakers always had their devoted fans. They come in multiple styles — from basketball high-tops to simple canvas ones. Some have laces, others don’t, and the color choice is, well, limitless. 

These sneakers look great with any denim in a casual look with a flannel shirt, or you can make a fashion statement by giving your kicks an edgy twist with a black ensemble.

Plus, you can wear any socks with them — high or low — without it looking too nerdy!

Athletic Sneakers

Close-up photo of an athlete tying their sneakers before jogging outdoors

Source: Envato Elements

There are a few types of athletic shoes that every guy will recognize.

Basketball Shoes

They support your knees, give you the extra bounce, and — even if just for a moment — make you feel like LeBron James or Michael Jordan. 

Plus, the style options are endless with modern designs to classic 80s styles. These sneakers are perfect for casual looks with jeans, joggers, shorts, or cargo pants.

Running Shoes

We’ve all got a pair, and if you don’t skimp, these sneakers provide vital support for your ankles and knees while running. 

These shoes have also become a daily staple for quick grocery or coffee runs. Since they come in hundreds of different designs, everyone can find what works for them.

Tennis Shoes

The ultimate workout and leisure sneaker can be as basic or as exciting as you want. They’re made for fast movement on the tennis court and provide excellent grip.

Wear these sneakers with slim denim, chinos, or even unstructured suits. Just make sure the colors match! 

Slip-On Sneakers

Men’s white slip-on shoes

Source: Envato Elements

Comfy and laceless slip-on sneakers are a classic, and we love them in a hurry! Trending in waves, slip-ons are definitely back now with futuristic styles and even cooler design solutions. 

As they’re mostly low-rise shoes, make sure you wear appropriate socks or no socks at all.

Additionally, slip-ons are the ultimate summer sneaker. They go great with shorts, light fabric unstructured pans, shorts, and of course: denim. 

Leather Sneakers

Contrasting black and white leather sneakers on a dark, sleek background

Source: Envato Elements

Pricier leather sneakers usually come in more subdued designs, making them a long-term staple in your closet. The most common colors are black, white, brown, and grey.  

These shoes are a perfect choice for casual-formal, formal, and sometimes even business attire. You can also wear them with denim for a weekend lunch or garden party.

Canvas Sneakers

Contrasting black and white canvas sneakers

Source: Envato Elements

Everybody loves canvas sneakers! Rebels, preppy college kids, serious business folk, and hippies all wear them with gusto. 

Canvas sneakers can be a fashion or political statement, or just everyday footwear that’s comfortable and works with most casual outfits.

However, some people love their canvas sneakers so much they wear them with everything from jeans to suits, rain or shine!

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