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The Universe Says “Yes” by Fiona McHugh

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By: Fiona McHugh


Source: The Universe Says “Yes” | Fiona McHugh

Fiona McHugh reflects upon belief systems, how they shape us, and how to change them.

When we try to change our external worlds, we become exhausted. It’s not until we change our internal beliefs that we will perceive change on the outside. 

Our belief systems create the world around us that we experience. What are belief systems? 

Belief Systems

Belief systems are deeply rooted beliefs about ourselves, others, and the way the world is around us. They are formed often at an early age by personal experience, observing other’s experiences around us, as well as passed down teachings.

These beliefs can be formed by one event or many multiple ones that evoke the same emotion, which, therefore, creates more evidence for that belief itself.

Our beliefs are shaped by schools, parents, friends, books, religious institutions, and media. 

Fiona McHugh

Beliefs feel like facts. They often seem like, “This is how it is, was, and always will be.” Usually, there is an all or nothing kind of thinking that influences these beliefs.

However, these aren’t concrete – in fact, they’re merely perceptions and opinions. 

Beliefs are like seeds, that bloom into thoughts, which then influence our actions and responses.  

Fiona McHugh

“What are my beliefs?”

Well, one way to notice is to look at your life within this very present moment. Chances are, underneath your current experience is a belief that is reflecting in the external world back to you. 

We can see our belief systems by the way we experience life, the way others treat us, and the situations we allow ourselves to remain and live in. Our belief systems are right in front of our own eyes! 

For example, haven’t you ever had a friend that complained: “Ugh, I always attract this type of man/woman.” That is because of their belief system.

Since they believe that they always attract this type of person, as well as the dynamics, they are creating that for themselves in the present moment.

That belief may have come into fruition after one experience, yet then manifested more of the same experience once that belief was formed. Perhaps they believe that this is all they are worthy of.

In other cases, maybe they have seen this kind of relationship dynamic as a child, and since it is familiar, they believe that it is more common and probable to have the same experience that they witnessed. 

The truth is, you know your friend can do better, yet it is their belief system that is blocking them from experiencing different.

Book next to a tall mug

Source: The Universe Says “Yes” | Fiona McHugh

Other similar beliefs are “I always have bad luck when it comes to ____.”

“This person always treats me that way.” 

“I never get the promotion.” 

“I have great parking karma.” 

“I am an anxious person.” 

“I have always struggled with ___ area in my life.” 

“I am an addict.” 

“I have commitment issues.” 

See? And chances are, the longer the length of time we have had these beliefs, the stronger they seem because of the numerous times our beliefs were reflected back to us. The external world and our experiences are just validations toward what we believe. 

If you want to change what is going on around you, you must change your perception of yourself and the way you wish to experience life. 

A lot of the time you’ll hear: “You will continue experiencing the same situation until you learn from it.” I believe this to be true.

However, it is not the situation you need to change but how you respond to it (hence why it’s the same experience). Furthermore, it is really about looking within yourself to see what you believe about yourself, others, or the world that brought this circumstance into your reality.

The purpose of our external circumstances is to guide us to look within and heal.

Fiona McHugh

They are not there to make life complicated, but rather bring us back to our natural state of ourselves, which is love and peace. The way we find that natural state is by clearing old belief systems and patterns that are no longer serving us. 

Another thing is that, although these beliefs and occurrences in our life are deemed as “negative,” they, in fact, did serve a purpose. 

I am not talking about that phrase, “everything happens for a reason,” but more of that our negative belief systems and external experiences have taught us what we don’t want. They guide us to find what we do want to experience. And to experience what we want, we need to form new beliefs. 

How Do We Change Our Belief Systems? 

First, find what they are

Second, find the root cause of it, based on experience or passed down teachings. 

Third, notice the feelings that this negative belief and the experiences evoke. Then look at what the opposite of that would be. (Basically, this means, now that you know what you don’t want to feel, look for what you do.) 

Fourth, once you know what you want, focus on the feeling that would stem from that event, rather than the specific experience. 

Fifth, create a new belief

Step six, once you create that new belief, find evidence for it. It can be the smallest event, but recalling that event will create emotion and stimulate the senses, which instills it more on your subconscious – which is where your belief systems remain. 


Source: The Universe Says “Yes” | Fiona McHugh

If you feel like you are struggling to release old belief patterns, I suggest two things: 

  1. The Ho’oponopono prayer: this is an ancient prayer and mantra that clears karma and old patterns. I suggest reading into the specific meaning of each line before beginning this practice, to understand why these words are so powerful. (Google has plenty of resources) 
  2. EFT: Otherwise known as tapping. This practice focuses on our bodies meridian points and helps our physical and emotional resistance release. It teaches us that once we accept how we feel and our current state of circumstances, we then can allow it to go. Yet, we can not let go of anything if we have not accepted it. (Accepting doesn’t mean it has to stay with us. It it merely just recognizing it, which allows us to release.) 

All in all, you have the power and ability to experience a beautiful life. Once we clear our belief systems and form new ones within, our external world will then follow and mirror those beliefs back to us.

The Universe only knows “yes” in response to our beliefs. 

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