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Those Rains by Priti

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By: Priti

“Let it Rain” digital artwork by Burgundy Bug in August 2019

Source: The Burgundy Zine

Poet Priti reflects on an old flame in her poem, “Those Rains.”

Those were also the evenings
When dew-drops used to fell on ground ‘n’ sings
Clouds of the monsoon
Everywhere, like shadows of stars and moon
Both of us were carrying
Umbrellas in our hands, because of season
But still got drenched
Without any reason

What happened to those beautiful butterflies
Who used to fly higher in a love-made sky
Why you left without a remark
Where I should find you, not having even a spark
Shedding thousands of tears
Holding the fake smile which my soul wears
Silently dying inside
Just to owe you by my side

Don’t know why these memories
Pretending like they’re my enemies
Making me cry more
Trying to sink in my deep heart’s core

How could I forget, all those summer rains
Which never let me feel vines of pain
Which be spent together
Walking down to the lanes
Evenings, even these blue twilight evenings
Are recalling your tokens and making me lament

Without you, I’m thirsty and craving
Just return me to that wet moment
What happened to those rains
You knew you were on the top in the list of my mains
Why you left without a remark
Where I should find you, not having even a spark!

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