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Tune-In Tuesdays #102: How Does it Feel by Luna Blue

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By: burgundy bug

“How Does it Feel” by Luna Blue. Artwork by @cryingelephant

Source: How Does it Feel | Luna Blue

Radiating with inimitable, anthemic energy, the UK-based indie power-pop band Luna Blue is rocking right into summer with their latest single, “How Does it Feel.”

A Bit of Context…

(Left to Right): Nick, Tom, Seb, and Ryan of Luna Blue
Photo courtesy of @Indyebrewer

Source: Luna Blue

Last summer, the four-piece band from Brighton made a name for themselves playing online festival stages with artists including APRE, Red Rum Club, and Lauren Hibberd, their Spotify bio says.

During the lockdown in 2020, Luna Blue drummer Seb raised £1375 for “#SaveOurVenues” by drumming Nirvana songs for 24 hours straight. Shortly thereafter, he raised £500 for the non-profit AnimalsAsia organization during another virtual fundraiser.

As the band gears up to release their EP this summer, “How Does it Feel” is the first single from a three-track line-up that listeners can look forward to jamming along with.

“Often words mean nothing, as they’re spoken in relation to how things feel ‘in the moment,'” Luna Blue vocalist Tom begins while describing the meaning behind “How Does it Feel.” “Words can be spoken passionately, angrily, joyfully to try to get a grip on the unknown future which lies ahead — and often that fails.”

“Breathe, take in the moment, accept where your heart is at… and just feel.”


How Does it Feel by Luna Blue

After wisping you in with an ethereal intro, Luna Blue keeps you in a rhythmic trance as the song builds into an explosive chorus.

Oh, but let’s not forget the slice of heaven the band slips in during the pre-chorus with that brief-but-sultry bass riff. Hot damn, I had to loop back and replay that clip a few times during my first listen.

Everything about the chorus is orchestrated so fluidly, from the stunning vocal harmonies and guitars to the killer drums that underly it. The transitions back into the second verse and second refrain are very smooth, too.

The vocals throughout the whole track are incredibly dynamic, but Tom gets a particular spotlight pointed right on him during the bridge as he sings:

“Tell me how it feels when words mean nothing,
and heart bleed is on repeat, you’re a victim to your love’s supreme.”

— “How Does it Feel” by Luna Blue

And the cascade of guitars that follow that line? WOW! If that doesn’t get you rocking right out of your seat, then I don’t know what would.

Overall, “How Does it Feel” is a catchy, punchy, track that brings the energy of an arena show straight to your headphones. The vocals, guitars, and drums throughout its entirety are unbelievably dynamic and the transitions are perfectly executed.

We can’t wait to hear Luna Blue’s upcoming EP this summer!

Give Luna Blue’s “How Does it Feel” a listen now on Spotify!
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