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Tune-in Tuesdays #103: Pound Cake by Gone Fishin’

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By: burgundy bug

“Pound Cake” by Gone Fishin’

Source: Pound Cake | Gone Fishin’

Soft, atmospheric, and graceful, Gone Fishin’ melts listeners with their stirring new single, “Pound Cake.”

A Bit of Context…

“Gone Fishin’ is the result of three Berkley natives playing knockout and occasionally music,” says the band’s Spotify bio. Gone Fishin’ members Brennan Jung, Ryan Cohen, and Runar Schmidt have been “thumpin’ together” since they were classmates in 9th grade with horn players Ben Stillman and Daniel Goldberg.

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The Burgundy Zine

Gearing up to release their sophomore album this fall, Gone Fishin’ has released Babybell, Tuesday Sunrise, and Pound Cake.

Pound Cake by Gone Fishin’

“Pound Cake” steals your breath with its tender, robust acoustic guitars and delicate harmonies within seconds. There’s an air of solace throughout the nostalgic, heartfelt lyricism and sound.

The vocals are delicate, with a supple sweetness that rings through each line. “Pound Cake” is sung in such a genuine and intimate manner, it almost feels as if it’s a serenade, just for you.

During the chorus, there’s a slight increase in pace, and the drums introduced beat just like a heart. By the final refrain, the female backing vocals belt with a heavenly grace like a choir of angels.

Overall, “Pound Cake” is an incredibly delicate, somber-yet-enlightening track. Undoubtedly, Gone Fishin’ poured their heart and soul into the single. It’s attentive, emotive, and truly resonates with you.

We’ve loved the other singles so far by Gone Fishin’ and can’t wait to hear the band’s album this fall.

Give Gone Fishin’s “Pound Cake” a listen now on Spotify!
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