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Tune-In Tuesdays #29: Soul on Fire by Rasied on TV

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By: burgundy bug

Soul on Fire by Rasied on TV cover

Source: Soul on Fire | Raised on TV

Soul on Fire” is the bright single by the alt-rock band Raised on TV that’ll ignite your soul.

A Bit of Context…

Raised on TV

Source: Raised on TV

Raised on TV are an alternative rock trio based out of Los Angeles, Calif that have played at numerous festivals and toured across the United States, according to their Spotify bio.

Currently, the band is revving up to release their second album, “Season 2,” as stated in the description for “Soul on Fire” on SoundCloud.

Soul on Fire

“It’s about the fantasy of throwing your cell phone literally out the window, which is one of the lines in the song, and not caring whatsoever, which has become so hard to imagine”

Raised on TV

Right from the get-go, the listener is introduced to the track with a hypnotizing riff. The drums build upon the riff, leading to heavy guitars that break for the vocals to truly lead the track.

Aesthetically, there’s a clear influence from the pop-culture and heavy rock of the ’80s and alt-rock of the early ’00s that underlie the track. Personally, it reminds me a bit of Paramore’s earlier work, specifically their “Riot” album, but with a nostalgic, vintage flare.

The vibe of “Soul on Fire” as a whole is infectious, leaving it impossible for the listener not to feel pumped up after playing it through. This track is the perfect addition to your summer workout playlist as it’s fast-paced instrumentals and intense rhythms are like a musical equivalent to a shot of espresso.

Overall, “Soul on Fire” is melodic, energetic, and vibrant. Listen with caution, because you will get addicted.

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