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Tune-In Tuesdays #29 BONUS: XtaSeay’s Latest Releases

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By: burgundy bug & Xavier

XtaSeay behind a water fountain

Source: Maddie’s Birthday | Penelope Peru Photography

Co-contributor to The Burgundy Zine, XtaSeay, is also a music producer who’s been working on new material over the last few months.

Today, we sat down to speak to him about his latest drafts on SoundCloud to learn more about what each track means to him.

Branch A Lot – Draft

At this point, what does “Branch A Lot” represent to you?

This draft has been on the good vibes in term of the instrumental aspect, which has been a lot of fun so far. I really find the overall vibe easy to dance to or get into a workflow with.

Where do you plan on going next with the draft?

Lyrically, I’m still undecided because that will determine the tone of the song, even if the production side remains lighthearted.

I can see “Branch A Lot” going either which way; it could be a darker song or fall on middle ground between lighter and darker.

Currently, the only lyrics are about how I can’t think straight and my head’s always in a fog because I just can’t let it relax.

Mix O Draft O

At this point, what does “Mix O Draft O” represent to you?

This draft gets me in my feelings, especially with the way the softer instrumental blends in with the heavier sounds.

“Mix O Draft O” makes me relax and just think.

The lyrics are still rough, but it kinda touches upon how people I know or once knew grow. It follows the process of accepting things going on, even if it’s not turning out in your preference.

Lyrically, I’m sort of angry at first, but the rest of the song reflects how it takes time to let go and accept the situation.

It’s hard to accept that they might not want you in their life at some point, but… That’s life.

“Seasons change, as people do.”


Rock Sled – Numerous Drafts

What has your process been with this song so far?

I had previously recorded some of the pianos sampled throughout the end of the song. Burgundy Bug laid down some piano samples, too.

At this point, what does “Rock Sled” represent to you?

“Rock Sled” is too new to really pinpoint right now. It’s based on the sounds I heard while walking around the city and the hella wonderful guitar sample from Splice, ha.

I love blending what I hear because it makes it more personal – like an audible photograph.


I’m still learning with this one – and all of them as a whole – but that’s what makes it fun.

It does dip into a bit of a deeper side with the heavy pianos, but I love those. They make “Rock Sled” sound so much more whole as a sound. It gives me that bottom of the chest feeling.

Where do you plan on going next with the draft?

It’s too early on to tell where I want it, but so far lyrically it’s in the feels.

What might be your next release? A single, EP, an album?

I’m going to progress with what I have and more, but who knows where it could go. I hope to drop an EP or some form of a music collection on streaming services this year.

Checkout XtaSeay on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify to hear more of his work!

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