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Tune-In Tuesdays #62 BONUS: Natalie Shay Reveals All About Her Upcoming EP, “NAKED”

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By: burgundy bug

Natalie Shay rockin’ with an acoustic guitar on stage

Source: Natalie Shay | Instagram

Natalie Shay is a multi-award winning indie-pop artist from North London who’s gearing up to release her EP, “NAKED.”

Recently, we spoke to Shay via email to learn more about her background in music and her upcoming EP.

Tell us a little about yourself, both as a person and as a musician

I’m Natalie Shay, I’m a 21-year-old indie-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from London. I’ve been playing music publicly since I was 13, it’s always been the thing I wanted to do for a career, and I’m really enjoying every step of the journey.

What inspired you to begin pursuing music?

I kinda started semi-seriously at 13 when I started entering music competitions and playing shows.

I think I really committed to it as a career when I applied and got into the BRIT School at age 14. It was a big step to leave ‘normal’ school to pursue music but was definitely worth it.

I suppose since I’ve always played music and been a musical person, once I realized it was something I was good at I decided to take it further.

What is your songwriting process like? What’s your favorite part of producing a track?

As for writing, the process is always different. Every song on the EP [“Naked”] was written in a different way, but it generally melody first and lyrics to follow.

My fave part of producing is always the final few sessions when you can really hear how the track is going to sound when it’s mixed and mastered.

Natalie Shay

What can listeners look forward to from your new EP, “NAKED?”

Indie-pop 80s soaked love songs written by a modern-day gal, lovely guitars and sexy synths.

How would you summarize the EP in just three words?

Pop, boys, synths.

What track from your new EP means the most to you, as the artist behind the music? 

People Like Me’ – I released this track last summer just as a single, I was really excited by it at the time. Through releasing this track the label, I’m working with on the EP discovered me. Without I’m not sure I’d be doing an EP right now.

I’ve been so lucky to find such an amazing team to help release the EP with. Lyrically, I’m so proud of this song. I think it will always be special to me.

How do you hope to impact your listeners through your music? 

I hope it can resonate with some listeners. As a songwriter, that is always my main goal in writing lyrics; I hope people can relate to them.

Last year, you put on some pretty big performances. What was it like, playing at shows that you headlined – shows that were completely sold out, too?

Humbling, insanely so. I’ll always remember every show, they’re so special and so much fun.

What is your favorite part of performing live? 

Seeing an audience enjoy something I’ve created, it’s kinda mad and I’ll never quite get over it, I don’t think.

You’ve also accrued quite a following online. Do you ever feel any pressure being on social media, or do you feel it’s a platform for you to connect with your listeners positively?

I feel there’s a lot of pressure to seem ‘always active.’ I love that i can connect to listeners and showcase things easily, but sometimes it’s hard to always constantly have new things to say and post.

I want to remain real, I try to never post just for the sake of posting

Natalie Shay

What have you learned from being a musician?

The struggle of maintaining confidence through hurdles and rejections. It’s not always easy and it’s sometimes too easy to forget to stop letting the one or two negative things overpower the hundreds of positive ones.

What are your overall goals, both musically and personally? 

To get my career to a sustainable level, to enjoy every step of the journey and to learn to feel content. It’s not always about chasing for more.

What’s next for you, Natalie? Do you have any music videos? When will your EP be released?

The second EP single, “Owe it to You,” will be out very soon with a video. The whole EP will be out EVERYWHERE on April 17th!

Do you have any additional comments or final thoughts to share?

Be sure to pre-order my EP x

Head on over to Spotify to listen to “People Like Me” and “Not the Girl.”
Be sure to follow Natalie Shay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be the first to hear when her EP “NAKED” is released on April 17th!

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