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Tune-In Tuesdays #69 BONUS: Time Bomb by Analog Kid

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By: burgundy bug

“Time Bomb” by Analog Kid cover

Source: Analog Kid

Michigan-based alternative indie group Analog Kid ticks off buoyant, budding, and explosive energy in their debut single, “Time Bomb.”

A Bit of Context…

Although Analog Kid is the group’s brand-new musical endeavor, it’s certainly not their first. In fact, their roots run all the way back to the early days of the digital music scene, according to the press release for their single.

“Most notably perhaps, is Myspace era emo pop-alternative band Anchors four Reality,” the press release states. “One of the first acts on Myspace Music, they garnered several million song plays as young teens.”

Now, the band is back and just as spirited as ever under the name Analog Kid, bringing forth years of experience and a new-age spin on their sound.

“Time Bomb” by Analog Kid

Starting on a light note with piano-keys that transition fluidly into vocals and full-instrumentals, “Time Bomb” embraces the vibe of an anthemic-summer single in an instant.

All of which, builds up to a delightfully catchy chorus:

Like a time bomb,
About to explode,
I’ll sing the same songs,
Of not letting go,
I think I’ll go out,
And let myself go,
‘Cause I’m a time bomb,
About to implode,
Tick, tick, tickin’,
Like a time bomb

Chorus of “Time Bomb” by Analog Kid

The flow and melody between the instrumentals and the vocals throughout the entire track blend together in a beautiful harmony while simultaneously retaining the crisp qualities that make each element of “Time Bomb” unique.

There are synth sound FX weaved throughout the song that also add subtle bursts of vibrancy.

Overall, Analog Kid’s debut single is animated, refreshing, and motivates you to move. “Time Bomb” is the perfect anecdote to keep your spirits high and your hands raised high towards the sky.

We can’t wait to hear what Analog Kid releases next!

Give Analog Kid’s “Time Bomb” a listen now on Spotify!

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