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Tune-In Tuesdays #71 BONUS: Miss Me by HAUNTER (feat. R I L E Y)

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By: burgundy bug

“Miss Me” by HAUNTER feat. R I L E Y cover

Source: Miss Me | HAUNTER

Fierce, anthemic, and lively, the Houston-based pop-group HAUNTER is back with yet another fiery single, “Miss Me” – and we’re feelin’ the burn.

A Bit of Context…

In search of musical experiences that would push them outside the confines of their comfort zones, the group of four formally-punk artists joined forces to launch HAUNTER, a pop-group with explosive energy and contagious sass.

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Source: The Burgundy Zine

Last month, HAUNTER released their second single, “Miss Me,” which was inspired by an “ex-boyfriend telling me I would miss him after we broke up,” said vocalist Lucy LeNoir in a press release for the single.

“With that line running through my head, I took that thought, and wrapped it around each of my past boyfriends that made an impact on me,” LeNoir explained. “One never called me, One never listened, and one just wasn’t strong enough to hold me up when I needed it. The verses are all about each of them individually as well. It’s kind of the story of my life.”

LA-based R&B artist R I L E Y also makes an appearance on “Miss Me,” adding another layer to the compelling narrative behind this track.

“Miss Me” by HAUNTER

Soaring into a smooth start with signature pop elements, LeNoir’s vocals truly propel the sonic boom of “Miss Me,” tying all of the elements together harmoniously yet effortlessly.

Instrumentally, the track is incredibly upbeat and demonstrates breaks the barriers of how much emotion can be portrayed in a pop song.

The production feels alive in and of itself, and LeNoir is the cherry on top that embodies the sass as well as the spirit of the song.

Lyrically, “Miss Me” the chorus and verses are catchy, empowering, and bold – like the musical equivalent of a middle finger to your ex.

However, R I L E Y’s verse adds another dimension to the track, fully illustrating the ex’s perspective. Unlike other break up tracks, “Miss Me” really tells the full story.

Overall, HAUNTER’s latest single has all of the qualities of a summer hit. It’s reminiscent of something you might blast while driving with the windows down and nothing but blue skies ahead; something you belt out in the shower or into your hairbrush. It’s everything you wish you could say to that one special asshole you just can’t seem to shake from your life.

Needless to say, we’re already missing HAUNTER and can’t wait to hear what they’ll release next!

Give HAUNTER and R I L E Y’S “Miss Me” a listen now on Spotify!
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