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Tune-In Tuesdays #76: Lullaby For Lucas by Katherine Abbott

By: burgundy bug

“Lullaby For Lucas” by Katherine Abbott cover

Source: Lullaby For Lucas | Katherine Abbott

London-based folk singer-songwriter Katherine Abbott wisps her way into the hearts of listeners through her touching new ballad, “Lullaby For Lucas.”

A Bit of Context…

Katherine Abbott plays the acoustic guitar thoughtfully in the embrace of a natural environment

Source: Katherine Abbott

Abbott grew up surrounded by music and has been singing throughout the entirety of her life, explains the press release for “Lullaby For Lucas.”

As a teenager, the singer started writing her own music and decided to pursue her passion as a career through live performances.

“Abbott began busking [street performing] at the age of 16 and gigging in men’s clubs in Coventry and the West Midlands,” the press release says. “After moving to the seaside town of Brighton, she started to play local shows and small festivals regularly, where she met and began touring with a band throughout Europe in 2010.”

Over time, the singer’s travels had her pursuing her career internationally. Abbott spent a year busking in Spain, later moving her performances to India, New Zealand, and Australia.

Naturally, Abbott’s lyricism is heavily inspired by her time spent around the world. Her experiences have fostered her specialty for delicate storytelling.

“‘Lullaby For Lucas’ is about forgiveness and not being so quick to forgive others,” the press release explains. “Written after a man named Lucas, who she met whilst walking the Camino de Santiago, Abbott felt compelled to tell his story of an opera singer turned nomad.”

In the press release, Abbott said Lucas was an opera singer in Vienna who lost his voice and began living a nomadic existence. He tried to sing while they were together at a bar, but his voice “just came out as this croak which brought him to tears,” she added.

Lullaby For Lucas by Katherine Abbott

The soft acoustic guitar strings that echo through the introduction of the track do a phenomenal job setting the tone, pace, and mood for the rest of “Lullaby For Lucas.”

The acoustic guitar is so wholesome and heartfelt, it instantly immerses you. You can hear Abbott’s fingers as they slide to each chord, which creates an intimate sense of vulnerability.

It feels so personable, it’s almost as if she’s playing “Lullaby For Lucas” just for you.

Abbott’s enchanting vocals breathe an ethereal beauty into the song’s graceful lyricism. The hushed high and long notes pay homage to her talents as a singer. Her vocal control is impeccable.

The tone is emotive and comforting. Both sonically and lyrically, something about the track just feels like home.

Whether “home” is watching the sunset on the beach, stargazing in the desert, or watching sunrise peek through evergreen foothills, “Lullaby For Lucas” takes you there.

Abbott shares Lucas’ story with such intricate delicacy, you can truly empathize with the somber grooves of his experiences.

Yet, Abbott still manages to deliver his narrative with a tinge of optimism that nourishes and reassures the listener.

Overall, the single will leave you teary eyed and hopeful all at once. If you’re going through a tough time, “Lullaby For Lucas” is here for you.

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