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Tune-In Tuesdays #76 BONUS: We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love) by Rebel Control

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By: burgundy bug

“We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love)” by Rebel Control cover

Source: We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love) | Rebel Control

UK-based reggae band Rebel Control engulfs listeners in a ray of sunshine with their latest track, “We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love).”

A Bit of Context…

From left to right: Richie Stevens, Jeff Scantlebury, Richie Concrete, Andy Baron, Tom Harle, and Marcin Bobowski of Rebel Control post-gig in 2019
Photo by Simon Jaymes

Source: Rebel Control

Rebel Control evolved from the reggae jam sessions hosted by Andy Baron and Richie Concrete in a West London shop about 12 years ago, according to the press release for “We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love).”

Over the last decade, Rebel Control’s sessions have grown to include a variety of UK reggae musicians, featuring drummer Richie Stevens, percussionist Jeff Scantlebury, trombonist Winston Rollins, and guitarist Marcin Bobkowski.

“They also began carving out a reputation as a serious live act playing some of the biggest and best UK festivals from Boomtown to Bestival, performing in Italy,” the press release explains.

After a brief hiatus, Rebel Control has re-emerged with their warm, tropical single, “We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love).”

“With the ongoing COVID situation and the current tensions in America it just feels right to release a track that’s purely about love, positivity, and community into the world right now,” the band said in the press release.

We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love) by Rebel Control

Right off the bat, “We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love)” kicks off with funky, groovy rock guitars that transition fluidly into smooth vocals and bouncy drums.

There’s a lo-fi sound effect during the first few seconds of the song that make the listener feel as though it’s playing through a countertop radio at a tiki bar along the coast. It’s a subtle detail that transports the listener to a nostalgic, scenic getaway.

Once again, there’s an unbelievably seamless transition into the first verse as the lo-fi veil is lifted. The production on this track is so high quality, the transition almost feels impossible. It’s so satisfying to hear.

“We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love)” really captivates the listener with it’s crisp, thick bass. Each instrument arises in a layer that seems to almost bounce off the bass. Every sound rolls with the motion of the track, like the tide casually rolling up and down the shoreline.

Additionally, the synchrony of each instrument allows them to blend together perfectly. But each sound still retains the unique element it adds to the song.

The vocal harmonies on “We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love)” are a particular highlight for the track. These harmonies add another level of playfulness and love that you can’t help but sing along, too.

And those horns? Don’t even get me started on the horns. They’re carefully distributed throughout the track, yet come packed with character each time they make their debut.

There are slight changes in the drumbeat and how the instruments are incorporated throughout the track that keeps the listener coming back for more. You’re able to notice something a little different with each playthrough.

Overall, “We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love)” is a refreshing, relaxing, cohesive, and enriching. The peace-loving vibe Rebel Control embraces in their latest single is a much-needed reminder to sit back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love) music video by Rebel Control

Source: Rebel Control – We Nah Got No Money (But We Got Love) [Official Video 2020] | rebelcontrol

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