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Tune-In Tuesdays #79 BONUS: Voices by Divine Astronaut

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By: burgundy bug

“Voices” by Divine Astronaut

Source: Voices | Divine Astronaut

Eery, electric, and alive, European musical duo Divine Astronaut takes listeners out of this world with their latest single, “Voices.”

A Bit of Context…

Divine Astronaut vocalist Livvy Holland rocks the stage in a shimmery silver jacket and space buns

Source: Divine Astronaut

Divine Astronaut is an amalgam of vocalist Livvy Holland and producer/multi-instrumentalist Moonhead. According to the press release for “Voices,” the two describe their sound as “night-time music that is downtempo, alternative electronica with trip-hop and industrial elements.”

“It was somewhere above 35,000 feet over Europe in Aug. 2019 that the band came to fruition, with Moonhead lamenting the absence of electronic acts from the ’90s in the current musical soundscape,” the press release continues. “With Holland in agreement, the duo vowed to start an electronic act and upon landing in Eastern Europe, they started working on their debut album.”

Together, the two have combined their experiences and influences to culminate an emotional sound with heavy undertones that’s truly their own.

As Divine Astronaut continues making waves leading up to the release of their debut album, they’ve unleashed a tsunami of sound with their latest single, “Voices.”

Voices by Divine Astronaut Review

Immediately, the listener is introduced to the track with a grimy beat that feels as heavy as prowling through the city alone late at night. The feeling is further amplified by the guitar riffs that follow, which are oozing with a grunge sound that’s straight out of the 90s.

Holland’s vocals rein in high and remain full of power. The backing vocals that break up the verses create a tension that seems like it stems from a voice in the back of her head.

“The source of these voices can be from any challenging situation, upbringing, or beliefs, resulting in a lot of noise in the brain,” Holland says about the track in the press release. “And regardless of how dark our own inner voices can be, this song is an affirmation that we can keep our hope and love for existence intact amid all the external and internal naysaying.”

Her vocal range is truly highlighted during the chorus as she gracefully slides into even higher notes. After the second refrain, the guitar breakdown is nothing short of gnarly.

The music video for “Voices” perfectly encompasses the moodiness of the track with its cool-toned gothic visuals.

Music video for “Voices” by Divine Astronaut

Source: Divine Astronaut – Voices (Official Video) | Divine Astronaut

The music video was shot at Dracula’s Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania. It draws a perfect metaphor between the haunting nature of “Voices” and the location.

Overall, “Voices” is pulsating, mysterious, and raw. Both the song and the music video lure you into Divine Astronaut’s world, and we can’t wait to see what’s next within their atmosphere.

Give Divine Astronaut’s “Voices” a listen on Spotify and watch the video on YouTube now!
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