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Tune-In Tuesdays #88: Child by Borito

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By: burgundy bug

“Child” by Borito

Source: Child | Borito

Uplifting and imaginative, indie-pop band Borito‘s recent single “Child” warps you back in time to the idyllic, summer days of your youth.

“Child” sounds as sweet as a Spongebob ice cream pop tastes — and it keeps you coming back for more, just like a Spongebob pop keeps you going back in for another lick.

Timelapse video footage of a Spongebob popsicle as it melts

Source: Oddly Satisfying Video | Spongebob Ice Cream Melting | Just Chill Productions

A Bit of Context…

Borito is an independently produced pop band with playful, vibrant energy. The group says they aim to create songs with “fun, danceable, dreamy and colorful arrangements.”

“[Borito is] influenced by contemporary indie pop bands, a love for post-funk and storytellers from the best of the rock and folk traditions,” the band explains on their website.

Following the success of their single “Nice & Slowly,” Borito plans on releasing their debut album “What We Have Now.”

“The album is all about bringing back innocence, the freedom of loving, living and creating without the obligations and disappointments of adulthood,” Borito says.

“Child” is the third single from their forthcoming debut album and it really drives home the theme of “What We Have Now.”

Child by Borito

The track gets off to a running start with a groovy guitar rhythm and beautiful, light, airy, sunny vocals that are reminiscent of Kali Uchis’.

Overall, “Child” is the perfectly blend of bedroom pop and psychedelic rock with a tinge of 90’s grunge. The psychedelic rock style really takes center stage during the transition about one minute into the track.

It simultaneously makes you want to get up and dance while also just wanting to kick back on a colorful picnic blanket under a tree.

The vibe of “Child” is simply so fun and lively, yet soothing and comfortable.

The chorus is catchy and the bass riffs really bring forth the creative, highly-inspired guitar in the background.

As “Child” transitions into its second verse, a few synth sound effects fall upon your ears like light drizzle tapping on your window. It’s charming and hypnotic.

Lyrically, “Child” is sweet, simple, and catchy. I’ve found myself humming the tune ever since I first heard it.

If you’re in need of a mood boost, a new song to boogie to, or some easy-listening, “Child” is the track for you.

Music video for “Child” by Borito

Source: Child // Borito | Borito Band

Give Borito’s “Child” a listen now on Spotify and YouTube!
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