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Tune-In Tuesdays #97: Ghost EP by Julia Klot

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By: burgundy bug & Xavier

“Ghost (EP)” by Julia Klot. Photo courtesy of Vic Bongiovanni

Source: Julia Klot

New York-based pianist and singer-songwriter Julia Klot is gearing up to release her jaw-dropping five-track EP “Ghost” this Friday.

Fortunately, my partner Xavier and I had the chance to give Klot’s upcoming EP a listen early — so grab your headphones and get ready to explore this exclusive sneak-preview of “Ghost” with us.

A Bit of Context…

Julia Klot resting gracefully in the snow-covered woods. Photo courtesy of Vic Bongiovanni

Source: Julia Klot

“A prolific writer and performer, Julia’s music reflects a storied youthful life just beginning,” the Brooklyn-based musician’s bio says on Spotify. “With her original compositions, she creates melodic and intricate piano parts accompanied by her dynamic vocal range.”

In December 2019, we interviewed Klot to learn more about her album “Brooklyn.” We also discussed her first album, “Julia Klot (2014),” which she released at just 14-years-old.

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The Burgundy Zine

Earlier this year, Julia released the singles “ghost,” “temporary tattoo,” and “picture in a frame,” which are leading up to the EP release on March 19.

“Julia’s new single ‘ghost’ is a haunting reflection upon a lost love that still lingers,” her website explains. ‘temporary tattoo’ is a sophisticated piano ballad about the anxieties that come along with entering a new relationship, and wondering if those worries are permanent or only temporary.”

Ghost (EP) by Julia Klot

Please note: An embedded version of the full EP will be added to this article on March 19. Don’t forget to stop on by again this Friday to listen along with our reviews of “time to miss you” and “i’ve cried for you.”

ghost by Julia Klot

Whisking the listener away with a stream of delicate piano chords, Klot sets the stage for you to lose yourself in the ethereal melodies before taking the spotlight with her exquisite vocals.

Her strengths as a vocalist are showcased in her sustain, delivery, and range. I am absolutely mesmerized by how gracefully Klot swung upward towards higher notes in the chorus, and doubly awestruck by the crescendo from the bridge to the final refrain. Her harmonies are also just downright incredible.

“‘Ghost’ sounds very Disney-like,” said my partner Xavier. “It has that very theatrical, sort-of fantasy sound that still has a lot of realism and storytelling.”

The orchestral arrangements throughout “ghost” further amplify the delicate nature of the track and simultaneously establish the tone for the rest of the EP.

temporary tattoo by Julia Klot

Initially, I found myself captivated by the energy and motion of the piano on “temporary tattoo.” Without even closing my eyes, I can envision Klot’s hands as they dance along the keyboard.

And then it struck me — the piano follows the vocals perfectly. Their melodies run parallel to each other. That takes an impressive level of technical skill in and of itself. And when you factor in just how fast-paced and robust the piano is throughout “temporary tattoo,” it’s truly inspiring.

The lyricism throughout “temporary tattoo” is honest, vulnerable, and deep. I really admire the metaphor and imagery Klot conjures up in comparing the “anxieties that come along with entering a new relationship” to a temporary tattoo.

The outro of the song is very ambient and celestial. “Very psychedelic, very indie,” my partner added. “It has gospel qualities that add to the weight and impact of ‘temporary tattoo.'”

picture in a frame by Julia Klot

Klot puts a unique, contemporary spin on the charming Tom Waits song, “Picture in a Frame.”

The horns, piano, and flute backing the track emphasize the old-timey feel that transports the listener to a Sunday afternoon stroll through the 1950s (although the original song was released in 1999). Klot’s vocal delivery throughout the single is very reminiscent of iconic swing singers like Kay Starr and Julie London from the big band swing era, as well.

“The overall aesthetic and build-up on ‘picture in a frame’ are really well done,” Xavier said while listening with me.

time to miss you by Julia Klot

A black and white photograph of Julia Klot standing in a snowy field of hay. Photo courtesy of Vic Bongiovanni

Source: Julia Klot

Calming and dreamy, ‘time to miss you’ elegantly captures heartbreak and yearning with lines like, “I cried the last time I saw your face in the car backing out from the parking spot next to mine / Spent the ride home with the window down / ’cause I felt my stomach drop to the ground / At the thought that I wouldn’t lay in your arms tonight.”

Although it’s a breakup song — and maybe it has nothing to do with the pandemic — “time to miss you” still speaks to the lovers who couldn’t lay in each others’ arms due to social distancing throughout the last year.

Klot’s conviction and expression bring the story throughout “time to miss you” to life. Once again, the listener is given a chance to truly appreciate how dynamic her vocals are.

i’ve cried for you by Julia Klot

Photo courtesy of Vic Bongiovanni

Source: Julia Klot

“I’ve cried for you” begins very slow and simple, allowing Klot’s lyrics to take center stage. Instrumentally, “I’ve cried for you” encapsulates a mystical, ambient, contemporary sound. New elements trickle in very slowly and fluidly as the song progresses, such as the shimmering drums that emerge towards the end.

Overall, “Ghost” is a beautiful, emotive EP that is meticulously crafted and elegantly arranged. Klot takes listeners on a journey — both sonically and lyrically. We can’t wait for you to give “Ghost” a listen too this Friday!

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