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Weekly Newsletter #19: Word to Your Mother

By: burgundy bug

A baby alpaca feeding from its mother at the Crescent Moon Ranch in Terrebonne, Ore

Source: Feeding Baby Alpacas | Penelope Peru Photography P³

Shoutout to all you little mommas out there.

Weekly Recap

We began this week with XtaSeay’s latest draft on SoundCloud Owl and Laterz.

After reviewing Cresco’s Remedi Transdermal Indica Patches for our Strain of the Week series, PA Purnell shared a personal essay about nationality, ethnicity, and identity with us.

On Tuesday, we tuned into the sinfully sweet, seven track album An Open Letter by Nicotine. We also covered Herbology’s grand opening in Morton, Pa.

CEO and Founder Mike Khan cutting the ribbon in front of Herbology’s dispensary in Morton, Pa

Source: Herbology’s Ribbon Cutting in Morton, Pa | Penelope Peru Photography P³

On Wednesday, we took a sip out of the bold, flavorful, history and customs of tea around the world.

On Thursday, Sorayah shared her photographs of Venice Beach, Calif with us. We also took a glance at the evolution of meme culture.

On Friday, we took a moment to get our act together after finals week.

Going Forward

Going forward, keep an eye out for XtaSeay and I’s review of White Sour for our Strain of the Week later today. Be sure to keep an eye out for this week’s Tune-In Tuesdays, as well!

You can also expect to see more content from us and our guest contributors about culture, which will be featured in the fifth issue of The Burgundy Zine on May 28th.

P/S: Happy Mother’s Day! Be sure to show that special woman in your life a whole lotta love and gratitude today, whether they’re a momma, your momma, grandmother, aunt, etc… You wouldn’t be where you are today without them!

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