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6 Celebrities Who Love Horses by Milda Urbonaite

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By: Milda Urbonaite

Horses on a sunny pasture

Source: Envato Elements

Milda Urbonaite rounds up six celebrities with a surprising passion for horses.

Horses are among the most intelligent animals that understand us, show emotion, and have unique characters and quirks. 

It’s no wonder that a man and a horse have been going through the world together for centuries.

If a dog is a man’s best friend, then a horse is his best partner. 

In the 21st century, fewer people spend time with horses due to cultural changes and because the hobby isn’t cheap. 

Since money usually isn’t a problem for the rich and the famous, some of them absolutely adore horses, spend a lot of time with them, or even compete in races. 

Here are six celebrities who love horses.

Steven Spielberg, Movie Director

Movie director Steven Spielberg posing next to his horses

Source: Photo provided by Urbonaite

One of the most respected and recognized Hollywood directors who’s behind such masterpieces as “Jurassic Park,” “E.T.” and “Jurassic Park,” Steven Spielberg’s interest in horses became apparent after his historical movie “War Horse” came out in 2011.

A couple of decades ago, Spielberg co-owned a racehorse famously named Atswhatimtalkingabout with a few of his friends. The horse was quite successful and came fourth in the 2003 Kentucky Derby (visit Twinspires to know more about the Derby).

The Oscar-winning director is also an investor in the Delaware-based race trainers “Biscuit Stables.” 

Alex Ferguson, Legendary Football Coach

The former “Manchester United” club coach is passionate not just about football, but about racing, as well. 

The most famous stallion in his possession was named The Rock of Gibraltar. Irish horse racing trainer Aidan O’Brien also bred him together with his wife Anne-Mari. 

During two seasons, The Rock of Gibraltar set a world record with seven consecutive Grade/Group 1 wins and finished second in the 2002 “Breeders’ Cup Mile.” He was also named the 2002 European Horse of the Year.

Talk about a good eye and talent for anything!

Victoria Beckham, Singer and Fashion Designer

According to BlackHeartEquestrian.com, former Spice Girl and successful fashion designer Victoria Beckham (also known as Posh Spice) has a passion for all things equestrian.

Beckham has passed her love for stallions onto her daughter Harper; her sons Cruz, Brooklyn, and Romeo; and even her also famous husband, David. 

The whole family enjoys rides in L.A. and Italy, and Victoria loves sharing their time with the horses on social media. It gives curious fans an insight into Posh’s free time and shows her softer side as she’s famously rarely seen smiling!

Kaley Cuoco, Actress

Best known as the easy-going and beautiful neighbor on the wildly successful sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” Kaley Cuoco is an absolute animal lover. She adopts or fosters dogs, rabbits, and is an experienced equestrian. 

She first started riding at the age of 16, and you can see her and her husband in the show industry events regularly. 

The actress owns a barn and a few horses herself and shares her passion on social media often.

Martha Stewart, Celebrity Chef and TV Personality

Martha Stewart’s name has become synonymous with good food and all things home.

During her decades-long and whirlwind career (which has included a stint in prison!), she has created an image of someone who has impeccable taste and loves sharing it with others.

It has also earned her a fortune, and she spends a good chunk of it on her passion for horses. Martha owns a stable and houses her five Friesian horses together with three Sicilian donkeys and one Fell pony. 

As you might expect, the woman has a full-time staff to take care of the animals. She often shares videos, photos, and articles about various horse topics, too

Richard Gere, Actor

Richard Gere is one of the most famous actors of all time. Gere’s career peaked in the 90s with such movies as “Pretty Woman” and “An Officer and a Gentleman.”

Horsenation.com says that Richard first fell in love with the horse culture while working on the 1970s Broadway play “Killer’s Head” and researched the Nez Perce tribes while preparing for it falling in love with the Appaloosa breed.

The love has extended to other projects, such as the movie “First Knight,” where he had to work with an Andalusian horse and said the horse had taught him a lot. 

Later he has acquired his own companion, an Appaloosa breed horse named Drukpa.

Gere and his wife are also very involved in the “Chief Joseph Foundation” that promotes the Nez Perce cultural preservation with various activities involving the Appaloosa breed.

In Conclusion

Horses offer invaluable companionship and an enriching hobby to a wide variety of people, including big-name celebrities such as Spielberg, Ferguson, Beckham, Cuoco, Stewart, and Gere.

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