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Confidence Hacks: Simple Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem by Jeremy Bowler

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By: Jeremy Bowler

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Jeremy Bowler teaches us simple daily habits that’ll start boosting our self-esteem instantly.

For some people, confidence and self-esteem are attributes one should be able to tap from within. In this regard, some may think that finding confidence in anything else on the outside sounds vain or shallow — just a way of seeking validity.

But that isn’t the case, as research has shown physical appearance goes hand-in-hand with self-esteem level.

Additionally, other aspects of our lives can influence our self-esteem. Comments or criticisms you receive from friends, family, and loved ones can significantly impact how you see yourself.

So, do you feel you lack confidence and self-esteem? Here are a few ways to hold your head up.

Appreciate Your Beauty

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No two people are entirely the same — not even identical twins. And each one’s uniqueness is what makes them unique.

Therefore, one of the worst things you can do yourself or your confidence is to go out of your way to look like someone else.

Appreciate your beauty with its uniqueness and find ways to highlight or enhance it. When shopping for makeup and other beauty products, go for the ones that compliment your features — and not just what everyone is going for.

For example, eyeshadow palettes from Dose of Colors come in different themes, ideal for different eye or facial features and colors. Therefore, select the ones that suit you.

Focus on Your Positive Traits

Nobody is perfect all-round. Even the ones you may admire the most have their own set of flaws. The only difference is that you hardly get to see their other sides, as they only direct your focus to the positive attributes.

You can do the same for yourself. Instead of thinking about the things that make you feel bad about yourself, focus on your positive traits.

For example, when you wake up every morning, don’t waste time taking yourself apart in front of your mirror. Instead, remind yourself how beautifully unique you are and the qualities you possess that no one else does.

Practice Positive Affirmations

Words have the power to influence our thoughts and even actions. So, take the time to speak positive words to yourself first thing every morning. Speak the things you want to see manifest in your day.

Tell yourself you’re going to have a great day, a great life, no matter what. Practicing positive affirmations helps to drown the inner voices of self-doubt and fear.

However, it may not happen that you see results in a day or even a month. It requires continuous practice to make these affirmations part of your life.

Take Good Care of Yourself

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Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, avoid stress as much as you possibly can, and get enough rest. Setting fitness goals and achieving them can make you feel good about yourself.

Yet, it’s important to ensure that you do not drown yourself in compulsive fitness regimes, which are more likely to harm your health. Finding the right balance is critical.

Also, getting active can help you avoid wasting so much time preoccupied with social media.

In Conclusion

Everyone feels a bit self-conscious from time to time. But you don’t have to let your life be run by your insecurities, either.

Simple daily habits, such as appreciating your beauty, speaking positively to yourself, and making healthy choices will start boosting your self-esteem right away.

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