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Aries the Cat Ambassador: A Playful Warrior with a Heartwarming Story

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By: burgundy bug

Aries the Cat Ambassador, as seen in “The Burgundy Zine #10: Spooky Psychology”

Source: The Burgundy Zine

Named after the Greek “God of War,” Aries is a warrior and an adventurer at his core with a playful soul and heartwarming story.

Known for his signature “chirp,” hypnotizing yellow-green eyes, furrocious fashion sense, and bountiful energy, Aries has charmed an audience of nearly 35 thousand on Instagram and nearly three thousand on Twitter, as of Oct. 2019.

Joe and Tracy Pitisci adopted Aries from a shelter in March 2018, according to a feature article on Meow AF. He was born to a three-legged feral mother, who the Pitisci’s also adopted and later named Diana.

Immediately, Tracy noticed that Aries was born with severely twisted hind-limbs, but otherwise seemed healthy.

After taking young Aries to a veterinarian, they were unable to determine the exact cause of his condition. However, it’s speculated that Diana may have spent her pregnancy laying on one side, possibly interfering with the development of his legs. It’s also possible that Aries may have inherited a congenital condition, due to his mother only having three legs.

According to the article, surgery could’ve been done to “correct” the condition by cutting the tendons to loosen them, but there was a possibility the tendons could’ve grown back as they were when he was born, especially if his condition is hereditary.

With much thought and careful consideration of the pain Aries would be in as a kitten, the Pitiscis opted to hold off on surgery.

The Pitiscis have continued to show Aries and Diana unconditional love as they’ve raised them, and they helped socialize Diana out of her feral state. To date, both cats have made tremendous progress in just over a year and a half.

“After many months of trust building, we are now able to pet and hold [Diana]. She was a great mom and is now affectionate, showing us the love that she once showed only to the kittens.”

Tracy Pitisci

Aries triumphs beyond his condition, refusing to let his hind legs hinder him. A curious cat and natural born adventurer, Aries often accompanies the Pitisicis on adventures to the beach or hiking trips.

The photogenic feline continues to me-wow his adoring feline-fanatic-followers with photoshoots. Most recently, Aries posed purrfectly for a boo-tiful Halloween shoot.

Aries’ recent Halloween photoshoot

Source: Aries the Cat Ambassador

Both Diana and Aries have come such a long way in their journey, it just goes to show that maybe black cats aren’t so unlucky afterall.

Behind the scenes shot of Aries’ lounging in a fabric “Happy Halloween” bucket

Source: Aries the Cat Ambassador

Head on over to Aries’ Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with his touching story and amazing life!

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