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Forest Bathing by Fiona McHugh

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By: Fiona McHugh

Trees covered in ivy

Source: Forest Bathing | Fiona McHugh

Fiona McHugh encourages us to reconnect with our natural roots and restore ourselves with Forest Bathing.

As much as I crave the saltwater and sand, I’ve always felt an inner peace when walking through the forests. Maybe it’s because my mother used to carry me on her back as she’d hike through the redwoods when I was a baby, or that I, for the most part, grew up in Pennsylvania, where there are forests galore.

“Forest Bathing” is a practice in Japan, also known as Shinrin-Yuku. The rejuvenating energy of the forest’s atmosphere regenerates our immune system and “resets” us, bringing us back to ourselves.

It has been scientifically proven that forest bathing reduces blood pressure, lowers cortisol levels, improves sleep, and even alleviates ADHD symptoms.

The forest

Source: Forest Bathing | Fiona McHugh

Most of our lives are spent at a desk, computer, or in a car. We often forget that we naturally are designed to vibrate on the frequency with the natural world, rather than the fast-paced energy of our urban surroundings.

Even if it’s for twenty-minutes, taking a walk in the forest will reconnect your mind and body. Forest Bathing is one of the best forms of natural medicine.

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