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Strain of the Week: Cartsdom Roulette

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By: burgundy bug & Xavier

Cartsdom Roulette and carrying pouch

Source: Cartsdom Roulette | Penelope Peru Photography

Sick of losing your ol’ vape cartridges? We were, too… Until the Cartsdom Roulette came along.

A Bit of Context…

The Cartsdom Roulette is an innovative container designed to store seven 0.5 to 1 ml oil cartridges up to a length of 7.5 mm long.

“We’ve experienced the pain of oil cartridge users because we ourselves are oil cart heavy users.”

Cartsdom Roulette

Cartsdom Roulette

Cartsdom Roulette, packaging, and carrying pouch

Source: Cartsdom Roulette | Penelope Peru Photography

Cartsdom Roulette Package Contents

  • 1 Cartsdom Roulette
  • 1 Carrying pouch
  • 2 Silicone plugs

Cartsdom Roulette Features

  • Seven 11.5 mm openings for storage
  • Compatible with 0.5 to 1 ml 510-thread oil cartridges up to 7.5mm long
  • Made with high quality aluminum
  • Magnetic lid with a silicone-capped opening to conveniently remove one cartridge at a time.

Cartsdom Roulette Review

The Cartsdom Roulette is incredibly sleek yet sturdy. It’s minimalistic design and unbelievably smooth finish make it both attractive and practical for oil cartridge storage.

It’s neat, compact, and discrete. I also feel that it’s more sanitary to store the cartridges in individual slots of a sealed container, opposed to leaving them out on your desk or dresser.

I appreciate the additional storage slot, as well, which can be accessed from the bottom. In a way, it could serve as a cartridge reserve; a place to store an extra cartridge in the event of a personal drought.

“It’s very easy to use,” XtaSeay said. “I grasped the concept instantly while just playing around with it.”

Nothing could penetrate the Cartsdom Roulette or compromise its contents. The cap is easy to remove by hand, but the magnets keep it in place and prevent it from opening accidentally.

“Although the Cartsdom Roulette keeps the cartridges safe from external harm, I’m worried about how smaller, glass oil cartridges would manage in the container,” XtaSeay said. “If you shake it, I feel like the cartridges could get damaged from hitting against the aluminum.”

The slots themselves hug the cartridges without much wiggle room around the sides, but I can see where his concern is coming. Shorter cartridges with glass mouth pieces might slide against the top of the container, if you were to toss the Cartsdom Roulette your bag and run around with it.

“I’d recommend lining the inside of the openings with silicone or rubber,” XtaSeay added. “That way they don’t slide around as much – and if they do, they’re not hitting a hard surface.”

Bug’s Two Cents

4.5 out of 5 roulette wheels

I’m incredibly happy with the Cartsdom Roulette; from its design, to its function, to its practicality.

Although the medical marijuana industry is still in its infancy and vaping is a relatively-new practice, I’m personally caught off guard by the seeming lack of storage options. If one were to look, I’m sure they could find plenty, but how often do you visit a dispensary or vape shop and see cartridge storage containers lining the shelves? At least, I haven’t seen any locally.

The Cartsdom Roulette is as ingenious as it is innovative. I’d highly recommend this product to patients who tend to buy multiple vape cartridges at a time, or to store your old vape cartridges so they’re not floating around aimlessly in a drawer.

XtaSeay’s Two Cents

3.8 out of 5 roulette wheels

“I think the Cartsdom Roulette is a fine storage container and a very cool concept,” XtaSeay said. “But I’d say it’s more useful for those who live in recreational states where there may be more options for cartridges that don’t rely as heavily on glass for construction, or for patients who are storing their cartridges to keep at home.”

In addition to silicone or rubber lining on the inside of the openings, XtaSeay said he would also like to see more design options for the Cartsdom Roulette in the future.

“I think it would be really cool if they also made containers that were a bit less discrete,” XtaSeay added. “Maybe a transparent Cartsdom Roulette, so that you could see through to the cartridges stored inside.”

Your Two Cents

Cartsdom Roulette
1 out of 5 roulette wheels
2 out of 5 roulette wheels
3 out of 5 roulette wheels
4 out of 5 roulette wheels
5 out of 5 roulette wheels

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