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Strain of the Week BONUS: Ice Cream Cake by Terrapin

By: burgundy bug & XtaSeay

Ice Cream Cake flower by Terrapin

Source: Ice Cream Cake by Terrapin | Penelope Peru Photography

Ice Cream Cake is a strain of flower produced by Terrapin that’ll lull you into a sweet, peaceful slumber.

A Bit of Context…

Terrapin Care Station has been established as a cannabis producer since their introduction in Boulder, Colo. a decade ago, according to their website.

In June 2017, they were one of the 12 grower/processors awarded a license in Pa, beating out about 180 other applicants. By Nov, they had opened their growing and processing facility in Avis, Pa.

Terrapin produces a wide variety of products including: flowers, “terrapods,” and tinctures, which can be purchased from over 40 dispensaries throughout Pa.

Ice Cream Cake by Terrapin

Ice Cream Cake flower by Terrapin

Source: Ice Cream Cake by Terrapin | Penelope Peru Photography

Ice Cream Cake Cannabinoids

  • 0.08% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • 24.44% tetrahydrocannabinolic-acid (THCa)
  • 0.25% cannabigerol (CBG)
  • 0.73% cannabigerolic-acid (CBGa)

Ice Cream Cake Terpenes

  • R+Limonene: 0.67%
  • b-Caryophyllene: 0.48%
  • Linalool: 0.17%

Ice Cream Cake by Terrapin Review

Although Terrapin’s Ice Cream Cake has an earthy, plant-like, somewhat tangy smell, it’s produces a smooth and scrumptious vapor that’s sweet, much like it’s namesake.

“The smell caught me off guard at first,” XtaSeay said. “But it tastes good and it’s relaxing – mentally and physically relaxing.”

The strain itself encourages you to wind down both cognitively and physically. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself caught in a healthy case of couch-lock or dozing off not long after using Ice Cream Cake.

“Ice Cream Cake gives a very heavy body high,” XtaSeay added. “I didn’t experience much of an initial head buzz, which was really nice.”

As the cognitive effects of the strain began to peak, we found they could begin to feel a little disorienting. XtaSeay noted a light-headed feeling, while I found it to be a bit dizzying – and not in a negative way, but it was distracting. It was like my whole body was trying to convince me to take a much needed nap.

Overall though, our experiences with the flower were uplifting and refreshing.

Bug’s Two Cents

4.2 out of 5 slices of ice cream cake

Although I couldn’t resist zonking out after using Ice Cream Cake, the brief moments before I fell asleep were blissful.

My entire mind and body felt lose, uninhibited by any aches, cramps, pains, or worries. I was smiling at everything and finding an excuse to laugh at just about anything.

I don’t mind that Ice Cream Cake hypnotizes me into a very deep sleep. I felt much more well-rested than I normally do upon waking and didn’t wake up multiple times throughout the night, as I typically would.

I would highly recommend this strain to patients who are looking to treat symptoms of sleep disorders or chronic pain. I would advise against using Ice Cream Cake during the day, unless you don’t mind catching a three hour nap in the middle of the afternoon.

XtaSeay’s Two Cents

4.4 out of 5 slices of ice cream cake

“Ice Cream Cake has a great flavor,” XtaSeay said. “Sweet, with a distant creamy taste.”

XtaSeay also noted a slight head buzz with a very strong flow of a body high.

“This strain is very relaxing,” XtaSeay said. “Particularly in the chest, but throughout all of my muscles.”

He also experienced an increase in appetite and said that while the strain was sedating, he still felt he could go out and be productive.

“Ice Cream Cake can give you a bit of paranoia if you use too much,” XtaSeay added. “So use it in moderation.”

Your Two Cents

Ice Cream Cake by Terrapin
1 out of 5 slices of ice cream cake
2 out of 5 slices of ice cream cake
3 out of 5 slices of ice cream cake
4 out of 5 slices of ice cream cake
5 out of 5 slices of ice cream cake

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