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How to Make Bank over the Holiday Break Without Leaving the Bed

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By: burgundy bug

Sleepy Fawn

Source: Sleepy Fawn | Penelope Peru Photography P³

While December ’tis the season to break bank by inevitably succumbing to consumerism, it could also be the season to make bank – without ever leaving the bed, might I add. 

Anyone with at least a vague impression of who I am is aware of my hot nut for freelancing. I mean, could you blame me? I can do whatever I’d like for a living from wherever I want, whenever I want. 

Over the years, I’ve been known to dabble in quite a few different areas of working across the web – from software development, managing a start-up, reading tarot cards, to my latest entrepreneurial endeavors of running a photography website and Etsy shop

However, it wasn’t until I become serious about ghostwriting that I was able to stop worrying about pursuing a “real job” or a nine-to-five. 

How to Make Bank over the Holiday Break

Without Leaving the Bed

After a semester of busting your butt only to jump back into it not even a month later, I’d say us college kids deserve a break. There is no need to stress yourself out over working part-time, possibly driving through unsafe weather conditions, when you could be making the same money from the comfort and safety of your bed. 

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Source: My Brain 02 & My Brain 18 | Penelope Peru Photography P³ 

Freelancing Online

Whether you’re a developer, an artist, or a musician, there’s somebody out there looking for a skill-set like yours. It’s all a matter of getting connected and putting yourself out there

Upwork and Freelancer are two of the top freelancing websites dominating the market right now. Both websites allow freelancers to browse from a wide variety of jobs posted by those in need of a helping hand. 

On Upwork, you may also be hired or commissioned for projects, if the individual stumbles upon your profile and believes you’re fit for the job. 

While employers can also come to YOU on Freelancer, the platform itself is a bit more competitive. As a freelancer, you are bidding against others on projects and jobs listed on the site. 

Fiverr is an interesting spin on the traditional freelancing platform. Rather than browsing job listings, you are listing a service you provided for “$5 or more”

Although Indeed is traditionally for browsing local job listings, there are plenty of web-based and freelance positions posted, as well. 


E-commerce is another wonderful option for those who keep their paws preoccupied with a little crafting. 

Etsy is timeless, user-friendly, and incredibly interconnected – sersiously, the community is huge!

It couldn’t be any easier to list your products, promote what you’re selling, or run specials directly from your shop manager. Etsy also allows you to purchase shipping labels to print from your computer at a slightly discounted rate. 

Sites such as Sellfy and Shopify allow users to build their very own e-shop at the click of a button. Simple with plenty of resources at your disposal, these options are great for individuals who want just a little more control over their e-commerce business. 

Both Sellfy and Shopify allow you to customize your storefront, run sales, and track your analytics, among other essential tools. 

Redbubble has also began making a name for itself among graphic designers and artists alike. Through their platform, you can set up your own e-shop in just a few simple steps. 

The best part? Redbubble handles the manufacturing end of production so you don’t have to. It’s as easy as uploading your design and selecting what products you want your graphic printed on – from stickers to mugs, pillows to notebooks, leggings to t-shirts, even phone and tablet cases, Redbubble‘s got you covered.

Stay tuned for an article covering the ins and outs of selling and streaming your music across iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify featuring XtaSeay.

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Dogma Slumber

XtaSeay & Burgundy Bug


It’s funny. Time and time again you hear of others outside of the writing industry cautioning us with the gift of gab of the financial hardships ahead.

Yet, of all the odd jobs I’ve worked over the passed year, writing is the only way I’ve successfully earned a living. Yes, while my other creative feats have brought me in a little cash, nothing has come close to the steady cash-flow I’ve established through ghostwriting.

I couldn’t praise Verblio (formally known as Blogmutt) enough. The pay rate begins at $10.50 per 300 word article and increases based on the length of the article. 

While entry level writers only have the ability to write 300-550 word articles at rates of $10.50 to $19.25 (which is still incredible for earning pocket-change at an entry level), jobs requesting articles of greater lengths open up as you climb the ranks. 

Your level on Verblio is determined by how many points you’ve accumulated. You earn points every time you submit an article, every time you are the first submission in a queue, as well as every time an article of yours sells. 

Currently, I am a level six writer, which means I can sell articles of up to 1000-1400 words at a pay rate of at least $50 an article. I still have the option to write shorter articles, as well. 

That’s more than I’d earn if I were out pounding the payment part time for pennies. 

While you do have to write on-spec and your work is published anonymously, you really can’t beat the luxury of earning 20-25 hrs/wk worth of pay from your bed, earning your dimes on your own time. 

Not to mention, fulfilling requests is genuinely fun if you’re passionate about writing. 

There are websites, such as Textbroker, which pay per word, but I’ve personally had the most success as a writer on Verblio.

XtaSeay and Burgundy Bug hard at work

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Freelancing is no joke in this day in age. In an infographic released by the Freelancers Union and Upwork, their research found that 57.3 million people freelanced last year. 

Currently, 36% of working Americans freelance. In the same infographic, Freelancers Union and Upwork predict that the majority will work as freelancers by 2027. 

While the holidays may be breaking your bank, this well-deserved break is your shot at seizing the opportunity to make bank without breaking your back. 

Your work as a freelancer doesn’t have to necessarily end after the holiday break, either. Setting your own hours and working at your own pace sounds too good to be true for those of you who know just how laboring it is to balance work and school. 

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Source: My Brain 03 | Penelope Peru Photography P³

Stay tuned for more posts covering the ins and outs of working from the comfort of your covers.

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