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iLiveYouToo Supports Musicians and Venues Through Cutting-Edge Virtual Performances

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By: burgundy bug

“iLiveYouToo partners debut unique live streaming experiences in response to COVID-19, with new income opportunities for artists and venues in pandemic affected local nightlife districts.
Learn more at iLiveYouToo.com”

Source: iLiveYouToo

From production to promotion, iLiveYouToo allows musicians and venues to generate revenue through their unique live video streaming experiences.

Recently, iLiveYouToo announced they’re partnering with DICE.fm, the American Nightlife Association, and DoLA to further their efforts in keeping live music alive amidst these trying times.

“Along with DICE.fm, we’re working with the American Nightlife Association to offer music venues iLiveYouToo as a revenue-generating opportunity for establishments in the U.S. and across the globe,” says iLiveYouToo’s latest press release. “Additionally, iLiveYouToo has formed a media partnership with the DoStuff Media Network via their DoStuff [At Home] initiative, which represents 20 markets across North America and reaches 2.4 million subscribers to help promote collaborative events with specific venue relations.”

The platform, which is currently in beta, utilizes green screen technology, inventive lineup curation, and monetization as the foundation for their cutting-edge live streaming experiences.

Musicians can increase engagement through iLiveYouToo by establishing different ticket tiers and music bundles. For example, you can host a Zoom meet and greet to interact with your fans webcam to webcam.

Venues and musicians can also offer merchandise, gift cards, and other goodies through these bundles.

“For each event, iLiveYouToo works directly with live acts by providing them with a Resources & Tools PDF, a pre-production Zoom meeting, and sound check stream tests to help artists improve their live streaming audio and video quality,” the press release explains. “Prior to confirming an event date, a curated artist lineup is presented to venues, their promoters and talent buyers for booking consideration.”

iLiveYouToo is an astounding platform and their partnerships with DICE.fm, the American Nightlife Association, and DoLA has opened the floodgates for even more exciting opportunities.

“Together with these great partners, iLiveYouToo is launching an active artist and venue outreach campaign,” the press release says. “Artists and venues who are interested can register on our website.”

Head on over to iLiveYouToo to learn more about the platform!
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