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Looking For a Baby Model? Meet Ava-Rae

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By: burgundy bug

Ava-Rae in a red dress

Source: KarlieRae

Ava-Rae is an adorable, eight month old baby who will melt your heart with her endless smiles and laughter.

If you are looking for a baby girl to model clothing, diapers, or accessories, Ava-Rae could be the face of your product! Her mother, KarlieRae, is also available to do mother-daughter photoshoots.

KarlieRae holding Ava-Rae

Source: KarlieRae

Model Info – Ava-Rae

Ava-Rae sucking on her fingers

Source: KarlieRae

Name: Ava-Rae

DOB: Dec 13th, 2018

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Birthmarks: A red, heart shaped one on her forehead.

A Bit About Ava-Rae

Ava-Rae pouting lovingly in a red dress

Source: KarlieRae

An early Christmas present to the world, Ava-Rae was born on Dec 13th, 2018. She’s an incredibly happy child who never stops smiling or laughing.

Ava-Rae smiling

Source: KarlieRae

She’s very expressional, babbling often and quite endearingly. The little sweetheart can also crawl and pull herself up all on her own!

Ava-Rae & B.B. Balencia

Ava-Rae is an official brand ambassador for B.B. Balencia, a custom baby boutique that crafts accessories and outfits with love for your little bundle of joy.

B.B. Balencia is a little shop located in San Antonio, Texas that uses high quality materials, including: Swarovski crystals, pearls, and sterling silver.

Ava-Rae and her family are huge supporters of handmade goods, e-sellers, and local delights. Whether you’re a big-brand name or an e-boutique, Ava-Rae would be proud to support your business!

If you are interested in hiring Ava-Rae to model for your company, please contact her mother via email: avaraemodeling2018@gmail.com

You can also learn more about Ava-Rae on her Instagram and Facebook pages.


Source: KarlieRae

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